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Holmestrand in Norway Holmestrand municipality coat of arms


86,1 km2

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Holmestrand muncipality has approximately 10.300 inhabitants and covers a area of 86,1 km2. In the summer, Holmestrand is a great place to be. It is then, that the small and charming town shows it's best sides. During a few short summer months, the small town "look" is made more alive through holliday guests and travellers. In the summer the harbour area is the centre. Here, you can enjoy fresh boiled prawns, have a small meal outdoors and have a cool drink.

From the quay, you view all the boatlife. Close to 1000 small boats have their regular places here. You will also find a unique and rewarded guest-harbour here. The islands in the Holmestrand fjord offers excellent recreation possibilities. Also here it all comes together for the boatpeople. The nature, clean water, swimming-possibilities and peace makes these islands special.

Nice places for a swim are also located to the north "Dulpen" and the south "Hagemann" of the town. "Sandsletta" by Sand Camping is also recommended. Downtown Holmestrand is actually devided in two. One part with old residential houses made of wood and a modern part with office buildings. E 18 (Highway 18) used to run through the centre of Holmestrand. Today it runs a few kilometres away and Holmestrand has been "born again". E-18 has today a speedlimit on 100 km an hour as the first road in Norway. The street shopping is blooming. The quay is essential in the new environment. We dare saying that Holmestrand has the most pretty quay area in Vestfold. It might be a surprise to all, that Holmestrand also is known to be an attractive winter sports town. Even though the town is situated at the coast, it has lots and lots of snow on the plateau in the winter.


Falling in love with a beautiful French woman was the reason why Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen from Holmestrand, set up in the heart of Cognac. By working hard and making wise choices, Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen and Peter Anton Rustad from Ås became the owners of the Dupuy cognac house. After a while they set their sights on the Scandinavian market. Four generations later, millions of people regularly enjoy the drinks produced by this quality conscious, traditional company.

Bache-Gabrielsen (marketed in France under the name Dupuy) is a brand of cognac that is over 100 years old. The brand was originally marketed as Rustad & Bache-Gabrielsen in Norway. Today, it is consistently the top selling cognac in Norway, selling over one million bottles annually.


Langøya, where Norcem had driven extraction of limestone for cement production in about 100 years, was purchased in 1993 and the treatment plant opened in 1995. The company was in 2003 bought by Gjelsten Holding, which in recent years has invested several hundred million dollars to develop company and increase landfill capacity. Langøya has an estimated operating horizon for the receipt and processing of hazardous waste of around 10 years. Langøya has a rich flora and fauna, and recreational areas in both the north and south end used as destination for people in Vestfold. When the rehabilitation of landfills are closed, these will be facilitated as recreation areas.


Holmestrand is often called "The town by- and on the mountain". Once a 9 kilometre long and narrow place at the coast, the town has expanded up the mountain and on the plateau. The Holmestrand area has lots of rare types of rock. Scientists come from all over the world to make new findings here. Some of the oldest stone-age findings in Vestfold have been found in Holmestrand.

It was the lumber trade that created the town. In 1683, the town got it's own customs office, the shipping grew and Holmestrand was of ficially made a city in 1752. In our century, the aluminium industry has been dominating the town. Hydro Aluminium being the largest producing facility.

Among the most famous artists from Holmestrand are the authors Olav Duun and Nils Kjær. Nils Kjær was made immortal through a sculpture "Soltilbederen" by Arne Durban. The sculpture is situated at "Trandberghaugen".

The house of Olav Duun is situated at Ramberg and well worth a visit. The house is as it was when he lived there. The Backer sisters (Harriet Backer & Agathe Backer Grøndahl) are known as a painter and as a composer of music. A sculpture of the sisters is situated in the central park. From our own period of time, we can mention the sculpture artist Morten Juvet and the author Kåre Holt.


The company was established to take advantage of the hydro-electric power plants in the respective villages to create aluminum plants. Hydro is the fourth largest integrated aluminium company world wide. In Norway Hydro has plants in Rjukan, Raufoss, Vennesla, Karmøy, Høyanger, Årdal, Sunndalsøra, Holmestrand and Magnor.


Holmestrand offers great possibilities for any one interested in hiking or strolling in the nature. Up on the plateau there are many great spots where you can overview the whole of Holmestrand fjord. Marked tour paths makes it easy to find your way. The old Kings Road from Larvik to Christiania ran across the Holmestrand mountain. This part is still intact and worth a visit.


An alpine centre located at Høgås, well prepared cross country tracks, ski jumping and skating possibilities. All close to the centre of Holmestrand.


Fishing possibilities are good in Drammesfjorden, and in the Hillestad Lake. From here, you are also able to go paddling in the Eikern stream.


Solum Golfclub is a 9 holes golf course with high standard and a variation of difficulties. The court lies approximately 100 meters from E 18.