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Vennesla in Norway Vennesla municipality coat of arms


384,3 km2

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The village of Vennesla with its approximately 14.000 inhabitants and a area of 384,3 km2, lies directly north of Kristiansand and is split by the river Otra. Both the railway line, the Sørlandsbanen, and the road, the Setesdalsveien, pass through the district, and the short distance to Kristiansand centre means that it is quite central. Vennesla has large forested areas which provide a wonderful opportunity for recreation and relaxation.

Every summer thousands flock here to experience a journey on the old narrow-gauge railway, the Setesdalsbanen. A l9th century steam locomotive puffs a few kilometres up the narrow valley to Beihølen which now marks the end of the line. There are several rural museums in Vennesla, and from the banks of the river you can fish for salmon in the Otra river.


The company was established to take advantage of the hydro-electric power plants in the respective villages to create aluminum plants. Hydro is the fourth largest integrated aluminium company world wide. In Norway Hydro has plants in Rjukan, Raufoss, Vennesla, Karmøy, Høyanger, Årdal, Sunndalsøra, Holmestrand and Magnor.


Several thousand tourists visit the Setesdal Railway Line, which has become one of the region´s biggest tourist attractions. The Setesdal Railway Line has, for many, become a nostalgic interlude in their summer holiday, where you can enjoy the scenery from the old railway carriages, with the chuffing steam engine surging in front. In 1996, the Setesdal Railway Line celebrates its centenary, and so there will be extra activities linked to the celebration of this in July. There are also a number of family activities going on every Sunday in June and August at the Paulen gård (farm), which is situated along the line. The railway is 6 km long. The trip lasts approximately 1,5 hour.


Bommen will be a combined river museum and activity centre for organisations connected with the area, the river or the building. So far there is an exhibition room, meeting place and kitchen, as well as a museum room, at Bommen. No regular opening hours.


By Rv 405. Manor farm, with heritage buildings from the 1850s. Vigeland Manor is a culture centre incorporating local crafts including a pottery and traditional floral furniture decoration. Cultural events. Salmon fishing in the Otra river during the summer. Open by arrangement. Guest exhibitors Edda Holmesland Snaprud. Entertainment / concerts Wednesday evenings in July. Beside Vigeland Hovedgård lies Glasshytta "Ildhuset". Open on Sundays during the summer.


There is a mansion in Vennesla, Vikeland hovedgård, which is said to be haunted by a ghost known as "the Blue Lady" (den Blå Dama). Mari, the Blue Lady, was a worker on the farm located there, and fell in love with the farm owner´s son. They were not allowed to marry, so it is said Mari committed suicide by hanging herself in the "blue room", hence the title "the Blue Lady". Today, when weddings are held in the mansion, the owners of the property allow the Blue Lady´s ghost to join the wedding festivities by setting an extra place for her at the table.


There is excellent rod salmon fishing in the Otra river. Salmon fishing petmits. Yellow zone. Salmon fishing permits are available from local petrol stations and from MX-Sports.