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Songdalen in Norway Songdalen municipality coat of arms


215,8 km2

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Songdalen muncipality has approximately 6.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 215,8 km2. The administrative center is the village of Nodeland. The central market area is located at Brennåsen. The people are living around an active shopping centre at Nodeland. It lies a short distance from the sea and the archipelago. There are large forested areas with calm lakes, where there is no difficulty in finding a peaceful spot. This is an area of Norway with one of the greatest density of elk. If you are quiet, you will soon bump into one!

The landscape of the municipality is heavily shaped by the last ice age. The Songdalselva is a river flowing through the valley of the southern part of the municipality. The river passes through a 1 kilometre long, 100 metres deep scenic narrow gorge (Juve) at Underåsen. It is recognized for fishing, canoeing and other recreation opportunities.

The forests are mixed deciduous and evergreen (heavily forested with oak and pine), with the ratio of pine woods increasing towards the north of the municipality. Elk and beaver are common in the area.


Juvet (a gorge), a kilometre of Norwegian nature; stone after stone, waterfalls and wild rivers and almost sub-tropical vegetation, an Ice Age landscape which is nourished, deep down, between sheer mountain walls, beneath a narrow sky. The project group "Natt-Ur" (Night time / Nature) invites you to an exciting night time show between the cavernous walls, among other things concerts.


Geological footpath in the Gorge at Underåsen. Massive fortifications built by the neutrality protection forces in 1915. Marked trail from Rosselandsvann lake. Floodlit trail at Gratjønn. All year. Varied trail, 3 km. Bathing opportunities.

Brulihei. 6.5 km marked and signposted culture path from Rosseland. Nature and culture maps can be purchased in Sogndal municipality and from the post office.


Homevann at Lauvlandsmoen. Sale of fishing permits at the petrol station at Kilen.

Hågenvann at Eidså. Sale of fishing permits at Songdal Sport og Fritid. Trælevatn at Mæseø. Sale of fishing permits at Torleiv Mæsel. Livatn at Kilan. Sale of fishing permits at the Post office at Finsland.