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Lindesnes in Norway Lindesnes municipality coat of arms


316,8 km2

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Lindesnes muncipality has approximately 5.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 316,8 km2 in Vest Agder. This is Norway´s southernmost district. Lindesnes Lighthouse, situated 2,518 kilometres from North Cape, is the southernmost point on mainland Norway. The district has a 90 kilometre coastline with sandy beaches and idyllic harbours such as Svinør, Åvik and Lillehavn. Vigeland is the district centre.

The river Audna which is once more good for fishing runs through the district like a central nerve. Lindesnes has a wide variety of services and industries, a unique culture, many leisure activities on offer, good communications and a growing tourist industry. Campsites and chalets are available for hire.


Norway´s most southerly point on the main land, 2,518 km from North Cape. There has been a lighthouse on this site for over 350 years. Indeed, in 1656 Norway´s first ever lighthouse lantern was lit here. The lighthouse you see today was completed in 1916. At the time it housed three families, who lived permanently within its walls. The old coal fire lantern from 1822 has been preserved and the lighthouse station is now a listed site.

There is a visitors’ car park at the lighthouse. At the entrance, you will find a service building with ticket office, museum shop, tourist information and public toilets. The foundation Stiftelsen Lindesnes Fyrmuseum is responsible for managing the lighthouse as a national heritage site and making it accessible to visitors. The foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and the income from visitors is spent on maintaining and developing the lighthouse as a sightseeing attraction.

Information plaques tell you what life was like at the lighthouse over the years. The lighthouse tower is open to the public, and there are binoculars that let you enjoy the coastline in detail.

The "Landmarks" exhibition in the old lighthouse keeper’s residence features the operations of the coast guard, navigation history and the development of Lindesnes lighthouse and lighthouse technology in general.

Another exhibition, on nature and biodiversity, opened in 2003.


Under is an underwater restaurant in Spangereid drawn by the firm Snøhetta. Its restaurant floor is found 5.5 meter under sea level. The eating floor is on 495 square meters, making it the biggest underwater restaurant in the world, with a capacity of 40 people. It is the only underwater restaurant in Europe, and the third worldwide.


The administrative centre in Spangereid was the village of Høllen where the Spangereid Church is located. The area is one of Norway's richest archaeological sites. The abundant remnants from the Bronze Age and Viking age show the Spangereid was a very important place at that time. Spangereid is strategically connected at the Lindesnes peninsula, Norway's southernmost point, where the east coast meets the west coast. Community with burial mounds and relics from the Viking era, including the Archery Competition Stones where Olav Tryggvason´s and Einar Tambarskjelve's arrows landed.


Mooring places for 20 boats. Kiosk, cafe 300 metres away. Open air area and bathing beach close by.


Derelict factory which is being redeveloped. Will be national textiles museum and a centre for artists. Guided tours.


Furniture, goods, equipment, old domestic utensils and textiles.


The gallery is located in the same building as the museum in the centre of Vigeland. On display are 80 works by Gustav Vigeland, Tarald and Elias Louen's wood carving tools, a cobbler's workshop, a video on historical themes and a presentation on Gustav Vigeland.


The lighthouse keeper Rolf Dybvik has his own gallery at Lindesnes Lighthouse. On sale here are water-colours, prints with themes from Lindesnes and the surrounding district.


Art exhibition featuring local artists.


Exhibitors, demonstrations and entertainment every day.


Salmon and sea trout fishing in the Audnaelva river between 1 June and 15 September. Fishing permits on sale at the Tourist Information Offices in Mandal or Lindesnes and also from shops along the river. Excellent opportunities for fishing in local lakes and in the sea.