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Klæbu in Norway Klæbu municipality coat of arms


186,4 km2

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Klæbu is located in the southern part of the Trondheim Region, about 20 kilometres south of the city of Trondheim. The administrative center is the village of Klæbu. The other major village in Klæbu is Tanem. Klæbu muncipality has approximately 6.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 186,4 km2. The village of Klæbu is located along the Nidelva river. Even though agriculture has traditionally been the main industry for Klæbu, the municipality now functions more as a bedroom community of Trondheim, where many of Klæbu´s inhabitants work or attend school.

The landlocked municipality of Klæbu has three municipalities that border it. Melhus is located to the west and south, Selbu is located to the east and Trondheim is to the north. The Nidelva river, which runs through Klæbu, is a large source of hydroelectric power with a total of 3 power stations within the municipality borders. The river runs north from the lake Selbusjøen. The mountain Vassfjellet is located along the western border with Melhus.


Selbusjø or Selbusjøen is the 17th largest lake in Norway. It is located, primarily in Selbu, although the western end of it lies in Klæbu. The 58.26-square-kilometre lake is the largest lake in Sør-Trøndelag. Selbusjøen (lake) is part of the Nea Nidelv watershed, with the Nea River flowing into it on the eastern end and the Nidelva River flowing out the western end. The villages of Selbustrand, Fossan, Tømra, Trøa, Innbygda, Mebonden, Vikvarvet, and Sjøbygda lie around the lake.


Nidelva is 30 Kilometre (19 mi) long river travels through the municipalities of Trondheim and Klæbu. The name translates to the "River Nid" since the suffix elva or elven is the Norwegian word for "river".


Vassfjellet Skisenter lies only 8 km south of the border to Trondheim citylimit. Vassfjellet Skisenter has 6 ski lifts and 10 runs in all difficulty levels. The skiing area ranges from an altitude of 660 metres, and the terrain is varied with lots of features for snowboarders and freestylers. Advanced snowmaking facilities. All runs are floodlit for night skiing. Skibus from Trondheim every weekend between Christmas and Easter.