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Jølster in Norway Jølster municipality coat of arms


670,8 km2

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Breathtaking scenery, clean air and friendly locals. Jølster municipality have approximately 2.930 inhabitants and covers an area of 670,8 km2, out of which is 90 km2 is glacier and 43 km2 water. Jølster lies at the centre of Sogn & Fjordane and is known for its rich cultural traditions in home crafts, folk music, song, dancing and creative arts. Agriculture is the largest and most important industry. The principal attractions being the beautiful scenery, easy access to the glaciers. One can still find peaceful and unspoilt surrounding in Jølster, at the same time we ende avour to provide comfortable and modern conditions.

The Jostedal Glacier the largest glacier of continental Europe, a clear green Lake Jølstravatnet, steep mountains and green hills. The trout caught in Lake Jølstravatnet is renowned throughout Norway and beyond. Kjøsnesfjorden contains the green-colored letterhead from Grovabreen southwest of Jostedalsbreen, and the water flows through the fjord and blends with Jølstravannet. At the upper end, Lundaelva river flows into the water. This is Jølster from top to bottom. A great and varied countryside, combined with cultural traditions with old roots, have been the source of inspiration of internationally renowned artists as Nikolai Astrup and Ludvig Eikaas.


Skei is the administrative centre of the municipality and is located at the northeastern end of the Lake Jølstravatnet. Skei is 20 kilometres south of the village of Byrkjelo, 25 kilometres northwest of the villages of Vassenden, and about 13 kilometres west of the village of Ålhus. Skei is located just west of Jostedalsbreen National Park. The village lies at the intersection of two major regional highways: European route E39 and Norwegian National Road 5. The village of Helgheim, where the Helgheim Church is located, sits about 4 kilometres west of Skei.


Astruptunet was the home of the painter Nikolai Astrup (1880 - 1928), the last fourteen years of his life and you will find it exactely as it was when Astrup lived there. The Astrup Farm (Astruptunet) the artist´s home and small farm, today is a museum and art gallery, kept as it was in Astrup´s days, nestling among the steep but fertile slopes on the south side of Lake Jølstravatnet. The barn was pulled down and rebuilt as a gallery, but in the same style as the old barn. The gallery has permanent exhibitions of Astrup's work such as paintings, graphics, wood-engraving plates and sketches. Most of his scenes have been taken from Jølster and Nikolai Astrup has since remained one of the most Norwegian of our national artists. In the charming little cafe you may buy Norwegian specialties like home-made "lefse" and rømmegraut".

Nikolai Astrup lived most of his life in Jølster. Astrup often is regarded as the artist of Western Norway, as he found virtually all of his motives in his home surroundings. He´s considered the "most Norwegian" of all our national artists. Enjoying the magnificent view of the lake and surrounding mountains and countryside, you can also sense the characteristic atmosphere which Nikolai Astrup so masterly described in his works of art.


Another famous Norwegian painter and graphic artist, Ludvig Eikaas, also is closely connected to Jølster. The artist grew up in Jølster, but moved to Oslo, where he still lives. He is among other things famous for his non-figurative art and portraits / self-portraits. Ludvig Eikaas (1920) is a well known contemporary artist in Norway, being known as an open minded artist experimenting with different styles and techniques. Eikaas was one of the first Norwegian artists to paint non-figurative art, but since the 1950´s he also has developed the portrait and self-portrait. You can even find his self-portrait in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence! Eikaas Gallery was orginally an old dairy in Ålhus that was purchased by the municipality of Jølster and converted to a modern art gallery. The collection contains about 300 works of art by Ludvig Eikaas. Since the opening of the Eikaas Gallery in 1994, many tourists have stopped to enjoy the "humorous madness" and other varieties of the art of Ludvig Eikaas. The gallery includes a small cafe and souvenir shop, offering art books, Post cards, posters etc.


The Jølstra museum is a private village green with many original Jølstra-buildings, and a collection of around 3000 artifacts. Sales exhibition with paintings by Ludvig Eikaas and Oddvar Torsheim. Exhibition of Jølster textiles. Fishing for groups of at least 4. Day trips and weekend programme. Trout pickling course.


Jølster's largest handicrafts workshops. Specialises in woven runners and tapestries in traditional village patterns. Good assortment of brass, ceramic and jewellery gifts. A very popular Christmas Shop (Open all year). Framed reproductions of Nikolai Astrup's works. Café on the 1st floor.


A sculpture by Ola Endstad, placed in the centre of the River Jølstra at Vassenden.


Jølster Glacier Team offers you a rare natural experience. Daily guided tours to Hauga Glacier during the period 10 June to 10 September. Longer trips included Snønipa, Lunde - Fjærland and Befring - Fjærland. Beautiful view of the Jostedal Glacier and the mountain ranges.


The boat trip from Førde in Jølster across Breimsvatnet to Breim in Nordfjord was previously an important link on the "Trondhjemske Postvei" (mail route to Trondheim). A road eventually replaced this route, but in the summer season you have the possibility to relive this part of the former mail route.


Jølster can offer you several alternatives for skiing enthusiasts. Jølster alpine ski centre lies at Vassenden. Here you can enjoy yourself on the slopes or you can take the lift to the top and crosscountry ski through the valley. Ther are lit ski trails in Årdal and in Dvergsdalen. Jølster also has many wild and beautiful mountains just right for Telemark-skiing enthusiasts.


Norwegian Fishing Centre organises and arranges fishing trips for individuals, large groups and companies. They can provide equipment and a fishing licence and take you to the best fishing spots in Jølster. Best of all, they can guarantee you a catch. Lake Jølstravatnet is a very good fishing lake.


Sunnfjord Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies at Bjørkelia approximately 17 km from Førder City Center.