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Førde in Norway Førde municipality coat of arms


586,0 km2

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Førde municipality has approximately 11.650 inhabitants and covers a area of 586,0 km2. Førde City is a communications junction and is the county`s trade and public service centre. River Jølstra comes from the Jostedalen Glacier and runs in the mid of Førde Town Center. A new restaurant, "Pikant", is located at the river shore. The Regional Hospital for Sogn and Fjordane county, arts centre and Regional art gallery, theatre and parts of the County`s administration are located in Førde as well as every year, the country`s largest folk music festival takes place here.

Førde and Gaular is the waterfall country. The Gaular watercourse has created most of Waterfall Country and stretches all the way from Jostefonn and Grovebre glacier to the Dalsfjord, and is the longest lowland watercourse in Western Norway.

The watercourse was placed under permanent protection in 1993, after more than 20 years of battling on whether it should be protected or regulated for hydro-electricity production. Characteristic for the watercourse is its many large and small stretches of water with foaming waterfalls in between. Many of these may be seen from the road and you are able to drive right up to 29 of the waterfalls.

The waterfall road is the stretch from Gaularfjell mountains and Haukedalen along the watercourse down through Viksdalen to Sande and Bygstad. You can stop here at the waterfall parking areas by Vallestadfoss and Eikjelandsfoss waterfalls. Huldefossen at Mo is truly a photographer’s delight and has a breathtaking direct fall of 90 metres. If you cross the bridge and follow the path you can walk right up to this beautiful gem of Nature.

In Waterfall Country you can wander for one or two hours, and absorb this lovely countryside by wandering along the waterfall path in Eldalsdalen. So far 17 km, divided into 2 stages, of the planned 23-km route has been completed. Signposts and markings have been set up at Longestølen, Myravatn lake and Eldal. The paths along the waterfalls are well marked, cleared and adapted for the walker with various types of bridge constructions.


Sited by Mo and Jølster vidaregåande skule approximately 10 km from Førde. With water thundering over its 90 metre fall to the peaceful valley below, Huldefossen is a photographer´s dream.


The Halbrendsfossen is about 60 meters high in the Halbrendselva, south west from Førde in a sharp curve of road E39. You can walk from town center to this waterfall. Powerful waterfall in spring.


The Salmon, a 65 metre long stone sculpture, which is Norway´s longest individual sculpture created by Jørn Rønnau, which blends naturally in with the green surroundings on the banks of the salmon river, the Jølstra, close to the Førdehouse.


William T. Potts from Coreen Castle in Ireland initiated the building of the stairs, which were completed in 1871, in return for an agreement made with the farmers that had 25 years of free fishing. The salmon stairs at Osen in Bygstad are the oldest in the world. The stairs are comprised of 17 pools/stages and has height of around 11 metres. It is very effective as the salmon are forced to make their way up the stair construction, due to the current below the falls.


Førdehuset is a regional cultural centre with a surface area of 17.000 sq. m, a cornerstone for cultural life in Western Norway. The centre is centrally located in Førde city, surrounded by a sports complex, amphitheatre, and is next door to the County Gallery, elementary and upper secondary schools. A multitude of cultural activities are gathered together under one roof - small and large attractions/events the whole year round.


Main road RV 13 – is picked as one of total 18 national tourist roads in Norway because of the waterfalls. From Førde we start on a sightseeing journey with cultural attractions that date from the 19th century until the present day’s city environment. The districts of Holsen and Haukedalen are typical of Western Norwegian farming communities that have created a picturesque cultivated landscape.

Rørvik Mountain, the trail with the fascinating stone walls and a marvellous view over Haukedalen an Eldorado for trout fishermen. Along Råheimsdalen and Eldalen to Gaularfjell mountains, you will see a marvellous waterfall landscape that has been landscaped with paths for visitors. From the top of Gaularfjell mountains, hairpin bends wind down to Vetlefjorden, an arm of the Sognefjord. The breathtaking contrasts of steep mountainsides, winding roads and waterfalls are characteristic of Vestland’s exceptional scenery.


The museum is one of 4 district museums in Sogn and Fjordane County. The main courtyard of the outdoor museum, is a cluster of 25 restored antiquarian buildings sited in a cultural landscape representative of the same period. These buildings provide an insight into life and lifestyles in the Sunnfjord districts around the middle of the 19th century. See for yourself, the land tenant’s home on its original site with the interior as it was then at the turn of the last century. In the administration building, which is open all year round, you will find the reseption desk, boutique and rotating exhibitions. In June, July and August, there are daily guided tours through the old buildings. The museum is landscaped with toilets. You can also have a picnic and enjoy fishing and swimming here. Groups are able to book guided tours all year round.

The open-air museum holds several arrangements during Summer. Some are connected to the Folk Music Festival, others are annual cultural arrangements that attract visitors from the entire Sunnfjord region. The area is an extremely popular place for excursions, where there is plenty of opportunity to take a swim or try your luck at fishing in Lake Movatn.


Førde Church is a charming timber church built in 1885, which seats 600 persons. Inside the church you will find several examples of Norwegian Baroque art. The altarpiece, which is from 1643, has been in the hands of the Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings for restoration.


Haukedalen Church was built in 1885, seats 110 persons and the alterpiece is from the 18th century.


Holsen Church was built in 1861 and seats 200. Alterpiece, pulpit and christening font from 1861. Christening font from 1620 and the age-old front door from the 12th-13th century.


Sande Church is a timber church built in 1864 with a gallery, and seats 300 persons.


Bygstad Church is a timber church built in 1845 which seats 300 persons. The altarpiece is Renaissance-styled and has been retrieved from the former stave church that was demolished in 1845.


Viksdalen Church is a timber church built in 1848 with seating for 300 persons. The alterpiece and pulpit are built in the Renaissance style.


Hestad chapel was originally a stave church from around 1200 AD. In 1805, the stave church was demolished and a new hand-fitted timber church was built. There has been little change to the interior since then. The chapel was built on an islet in Lake Viksdalsvatn. The passage between the lake shore and the islet was used as a thoroughfare in Summer and Winter and «Øyrakyrkja» (the Island Church) thereby became a natural meeting place for people from the district. The bridge and road came later and in 1971 the entire area was declared a conservation area.


The area is ideal for marvellous recreational experiences all year round in Western Norwegian scenery. With the starting point in or around Førde city, in Haukedalen, at Langeland, in or around Sande township, in Viksdalen or on the Gaular mountains, as a walking enthusiast you have a virtual paradise in front of you. Indre Sunnfjord Turlag (IST) Inner Sunnfjord Rambling Association offer organised trips practically in all seasons. Join the group to discover new fascinating areas together with like-minded souls who enjoy wandering in the mountains!

The map for Førde and Gaular, with tours and routes marked, will help you to choose the right alternative in regards to level of difficulty, distance and duration of the walk. The tour map can be purchased from tourist information offices, bookshops, and various accommodations.


Blomlia, 8 km in the direction of Askvoll, offers skiing on a great alpine field from December to March. Snow is guaranteed as they installed their own snow production plant in 1998. They also have super toboggan slopes for children. Inner Sunnfjord has superb skiing terrain that is ideal for old and young skiers.


Bicycles may be hired from a minimum of 3 hours and up to several days. Tour maps with roads and tracks marked may be purchased at Førde Tourist information office.


In Gaular County Borough, you are able to go hunting for small game and venison. Contact Førde Tourist information office for more information on persons/organisations that have hunting permits and on who sells hunting licences.


Gaular and Førde has several fine swimming spots for residents and visitors. In Erdalen, ca. 3 km in the direction of Naustdal, there is a lovely rocky shoreline along the Førdefjord. At Langelands-vatnet lake, 10 km in the direction of Sande, there are several pleasant swimming spots, some with partial sand shorelines. At Hestad chapel, 7 km from Sande towards Viksdalen, there is a lovely sandy beach. The area has an interesting historical background and is ideally suited to picnicking. Parking is available at all of these places.


Førde Boat Club was established in 1979. We invite pleasure boat owners to use our guest marina, which has showers, toilets, a washing machine and clothes drier. Full access for wheelchairs. There are power points, water supply and 24-hour diesel-filling service (monetary notes automat), rubbish collection and an emptying station for biological waste. The pool depth is 1,5-2 metres at low tide.


Førde and Gaular are heaven-sent for hobby and sports fishing enthusiasts! Gaular and Jølster watercourses contain some of the best fishing spots in Western Norway. A multitude of rivers, streams and lakes in a small geographical area offer you the ultimate in fishing and Nature experiences. Several farms around the watercourse offer boats for hire. Salmon may be fished on the stretch from Sande to Osen in Bygstad.

Contact the tourist information office where you can purchase licences for fishing trout. Salmon fishing licences may be purchased from Døskeland Bruk and Sande Kro & Hotel.


Sunnfjord Golfklubb is opening a golf course at Vassenden next Summer and we wish all golf enthusiasts a warm welcome. The golf course is ideally situated in marvellous scenery, just 20 kms from Førde city.