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sogn and fjordane
  Sogn and Fjordane map of county

Welcome to Sogn and Fjordane County and the weather right now! Sogn and Fjordane County is one out of 19 countys in Norway with a area of 18,619 km2 (487 km2 of which belongs to the Jostedalsbre glacier, which is Northern Europe´s largest glacier.) and a population of approximately 109,170.

Each County is divided into different municipality. For Sogn and Fjordane County you will find the name of the municipality to your "right" (municipality for the whole country is 428) or read a short story given below.


Among the existing government incentives, all-electric cars are exempt in Norway from the annual road tax, all public parking fees, and toll payments as well as being able to use bus lanes.

In Sogn & Fjordane the Charging stations is 39 and Charging points is 96 at the moment. Charging points can be found on street parking, at taxi stands, in parking lots, at places of employment, hotels, airports, shopping centers, convenience shops, fast food restaurants, coffeehouses etc., as well as in driveways and garages.


Most westerly point: Utveer lighthouse in the municipality of Solund (the most westerly point in Norway).

Most easterly point: Rauddalseggi in the Jotunheimen mountains in the municipality of Luster.

Most southerly point: The Vargebreen glacier in Aurland.

Most northerly point: Stadlandet in the municipality of Selje.

Highest point: The Store Skagastølstind mountain which rises to 2.403 metres above sea level.

Deepest point: The Sognefjord in the municipality of Høyanger where the fjord is 1.303 metres deep.

Deepest lake: Hornindalsvatn lake, which is 514 metres deep.


A train journey on the Flåm railway, located in Aurland, a train journey that´s really quite special. This 20 km long track offers just about everything: wild and beautiful mountain scenery, fertile heritage landscape and historical traditions going back to pagan times. All this as you descend from a height of almost 900 metres down to sea level at the Aurland Fjord. Down in the valley the climate is nice and mild, and if you travel at the right time of year you´ll see some of Norway´s most fertile orchards. So it is no coincidence that the Flåm railway, together with the Bergen railway, is one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world.

The county of Sogn og Fjordane is situated in Western Norway, north of Bergen and south of Ålesund. It only takes 50 minutes by plane from Oslo to any of the four airports in the county, or 5 hours by car. There are excellent links with all parts of Norway, with several daily flights and express coaches to Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and other towns and regions in Norway. It´s easy to travel around in Sogn og Fjordane. Only 2.5% of the population of Norway live in Sogn og Fjordane, but the region represents a far higher percentage in terms of the quantity of food production. The county has a higher income from exports than elsewhere in the country and adds considerable wealth to Norway.

There is a closeknit, tight professional community in Sogn og Fjordane, with good inter disciplinary contact. There is very good cooperation between the county municipality, the municipalities and the university and research institutions. The local community in Sogn og Fjordane is stimulating with tremendous lot of opportunity for personal and professional development, all within the framework of exciting geography and culture.

Sogn og Fjordane can boast several large lndustrial locomotives which are doing well on the international market Many small and medium-sized companies have sprung up in the region behind the larger companies, with a lot of creativity, quality and drive. In recent years, a clothing factory in Olden has managed to get a foothold in both the Norwegian and international markets. The label name, Ricco Vero, is a stamp ot quality and one of the factory profiles is the 800 metres Olympic Champion, Vebjørn Rodal.


The fjords, the glaciers, the mountains and the coastal landscape; Sogn og Fjordane is a unique source for really discovering the rich contrasts in nature, a "cornucopia" that never runs empty! This bountiful source also creates an important foundation for the businesses in the county, such as industry needing a lot of power, animal farming, fruit growing, fishing, aquaculture and the oil industry.

Olden in Nordfjord is a popular tourist destination, with Northern Europe´s largest glacier, the Jostedalsbre glacier, as its neighbour. Pure smelt water from the glacier is bottled and sold as natural mineral water; evidence of the interplay between the region´s natural resources and modern industrial development.

Try Norway´s number one summer skiing facility, Stryn Sommarskisenter. Access is by the old Strynefjell road (RV 258) from Grotli or Videseter. Excellent skiing conditions in summer, with lifts and tracks for all types of skiing, including cross country, alpine and Telemark, plus snowboard. Special skiing facility for children, "Fantaski". Ski rental, skiing shop and cafeteria.


Important industries in Sogn og Fjordane include: Eneryy and industrial production linked to hydroelectric power, traditional fishing, agriculture, aquaculture, fish processing and export. Maritime activities linked to shipping and the shipbuilding industry. Sogn og Fjordane is a beautlful county where modern technology has made its impact. The world´s longest road tunnel from Lærdal to Aurland.

Måløy is the second largest landing port for fish in Norway. Many people are employed in the municipal and state sectors. Agriculture is the county´s single most important employment sector, but employment here is decreasing. Various schemes directed towards travel and tourism are aimed towaeds giving farming a few more legs to stand on, particularly since the travel industry is very likely to grow in the years to come.


Cultural life is safely anchored in tradition, and embraces a host of ideas! Nikolai Astrup, Kjartan Slettemark, rock carvings, the Norwegian fjord horse, stave churches and stone churches, Selje monastery, Gulatinget - the old Norse "thing" - a court, the region´s salmon rivers - all these are evidence of the historic and cultural riches that we look after and are so proud of today. We can boast several interesting museums that are well worth a visit and the county is famous for its many cultural events. Music and sports play a central role in everyday life in Sogn og Fjordane. Sogndal football team plays in the Norwegian 2nd Division


Sogn og Fjordane consists of 26 local authorities that put a lot of effort and money into the local community for the inhabitants. The number of inhabitants in the municipalities vary from around 1.000 in the smallest municipality to 11.000 in our two towns. Florø and Førde. We have prioritised keeping the organisation of public services close to where people live. The state provides Sogn og Fjordane with means to ensure good coverage with regard to kindergardens, schools and the health service. Sogn og Fjordane is a great place for families to live and for children to grow up.

Leisure time

Sogn og Fjordane can offer many of the most popular needs in the community - both in terms of work and leisure. The region can offer many different leisure and nature activities, such as alpine skiing, Telemark skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, fishing, hunting, sailing, glacier walking, mountain hiking, rock climbing, diving and mushroom and berry picking. Nature has set very few limits here on leisure activities and the locals really know how to appreciate this.


In every municipality you will find links to Local Directory. This will give you information ON whats happen localy in the municipality even Job vacancy.


GoNorway will present companies which have challenging job, development and career prospects in their organizations. In every municipality you will find links to companies offer Job opportunity.


The choice of different activities in Norway such as Fjords, Golf, Skiing, Cycling, Cruising, Fishing, Stave churches etc.


You can see Video from Norway and from all the Countys.

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Sogn and Fjordane map of Norway with county marked

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