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Haugesund in Norway Haugesund municipality coat of arms


72,7 km2

Haugesund Local Directory

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Haugaland, with Haugesund as its regional centre, is currently one of the most exciting growth regions in Norway, offering significant purchasing power and business opportunities. From Haugesund, more than 160.000 people can be reached within an hour or so by car or high speed passenger ferry. It is also a part of the country well enriched with numerous historical sites and other archaeological discoveries. Haugesund muncipality has approximately 35.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 72,7 km2. The most known name is Edward Mortenson, the father of Marilyn Monroe. She was the illegitimate child that deserted her mother Gladys Baker.

Experience this country of majestic mountains, picturesque fjords, spectacular waterfalls and ancient glaciers. Inland, abundant farmlands dot the landscape, where trout and salmon rivers or lakes offer a taste of the great outdoors. At the coast, feel the exhilaration of wild foaming seas during a storm, or wide sandy beaches on a calm summers' day.

Haugesund, the "capital" of Haugalandet, has become a major tourist centre in Norway. Not that it was unknown previously! The sound, Karmsundet - also known as the old King´s Highway, was also called the Highway to the North. Thus was our nation´s title derived.

But this was not just circumstance, for here in Haugesund rests Harald the Fairhaired, Norway´s first king, buried at Haraldshaugen - Norway´s national monument. Having unified the country, Harald placed his seat at Avaldsnes on Karmøy and which can rightly claim to be Norway's first capital.

There are many traces of the fine Vikings who were domiciled here. The characteristic Olavskirken was built some 750 years ago by Håkon Håkonsen and consecrated to Saint Olav. The cross, Krosshaugen, has stood here for a thousand years. The burial mounds are from the iron age. At Etne is a viking ship. And along the nature trail i Utbjoa you can see the rock carvings dating back to the age of the great migration.

During the period when the Norwegian shipping fleet was among the world´s largest, so was the Haugesund fleet among the largest in Norway. It is said that the local song "Amanda from Haugesund" was sung more frequently than the national anthem when the longing for home became too much.

Internationally, the Norwegian Film Festival held in Haugesund has long been renowned. Even in New Orleans, the annual "Sildajazz" (Herring Jazz Festival) in Haugesund is much respected.

Røvær is an idyllic group of islands about 10 km west of the Haugesund mainland with about 100 inhabitants. The island is rich in plant and bird life with good shoreline fishing possibilitiee and a fine harbour for pleasure boats. There is a reguler boat connection between Haugesund and Røvær.


The Amanda award ceremony is arranged annually in August as a part of The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund. The Amanda film award has been established to enhance the quality and promotion of Norwegian cinema films and short films intended for theatrical release. The award consists of a statue in bronze designed by sculptor Kristian Kvakland, as well as a diploma. Amanda is hosted by The Norwegian International Film Festival in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Institute.


227 meteres above sea level. Panoramic view over Haugaland and the North Sea Cars may be driven right to the summit (use the car park 100 yards before the summit). Marked track from the summit to Kringsjå tourist cabin. Open Sundays. Coffee and waffles. About 15 minutes walk.


122 metres above sea level. Fine view over the town and North Sea 30 minutes walk from the town.


One of the finest galleries in the country and the region's leading exhibitor of modern art. Open all year.


A gift from the ship-owner Knut Knutsen OAS and his wife Elisabeth. The Town Hall was inaugurated in 1931 and the park was opened in 1949. Guided tours June - August.


Thematic exhibition with domestic implements from the home and community, seafaring, fishing, agriculture and archeology. Open all year.


Experience Haugalandat´s rich fauna, wild coastline and major attractions on the 5-screen super-videograph in "LILLE MARITIM" at Scandic Maritim Hotel in Haugesund. An event for the whole family. Viewing hourly between 16.00-18 00 in the period 01.07 - 31.08. Subject to change without notice.


A triple-screen documentary depicting life along the west coast of Norway as we enter the new millennium. Learn how coastal life has changed from generation to generation as seen through the eyes of local inhabitants. The film portrays music, art and Iyrics in a naw and invigorating style. Subject to chance without notice.


Thematic exhibition depicting living end working conditions during the herring industry period of the 1800s and upwards. Exhibits include sailing and rowing boats of the period, chapel, an apartment from the 1950s and an interesting photographic collection. Guided tours daily mid-June - early August except Saturdays.


Norway´s national monument wes erected at Harald the Fair-haired´s grave in 1872 in celebretion of the 1000 yeer enniversary of the unification of Norway. Haraldshaugen, just over a mile north of the town centre. The monument is designed to symbolise national unity.


Located approximately 75 metres south of Haraldshaugen is Krosshaugen, a stone cross dating from early Christian times.


Near Amanda Shopping Centre. A farm from the 1800s. Farmhouse, barns, and outbuildings in the traditionel weet coast style.


Røvær is a small island. It has about one hundred permanent residents, as well as seasonal residents and visitors who rent vacation homes, stay at the hotel or the hostel. The permanent residents who are not retired support themselves through farming, fishing, at the express boat service, teachers at the island's local school, at the fish farm (salmon) or commuting to the mainland. There is regular express boat service between Røvær, Feøy and Haugesund and most residents also own a private boat and a car parked in Haugesund city.

The boats have capacity to take one car onboard; a direct route between Røvær and Haugesund takes 25 minutes one way. Røvær is a living society and trying to survive in a country where the population in the cities is rising and the population in the countryside is decreasing. The weather can be nice in the summer with temperatures between 15 to 27 degrees celsius. Temperature in the winter time is around -5 to +10 degrees celsius. During World War II the island was occupied by Germans and there is still a concrete pillbox on the highest hill (called Varden). From Varden it is possible to watch the sun go down into the sea (since the air often contains a lot of moisture the sunsets are wonderful.)


Enjoy the rugged coastline, the invigorating sea air and the secluded coves. Sea-fishing is unrivalled here. Try your luck casting the line from the rocky foreshore. A day at sea is an unforgettable experience, fishing either from a smack or a cutter - a bite is virtually guaranteed.


Haugesund Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course is located at Kolnes approximately 5 minutes from Amanda Storcenter.