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Moss in Norway Moss municipality coat of arms


63.5 km2

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Moss has approximately 31.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 63.5 km2. Half the population lives on Jeløy, a beautiful island with beautifully-tended farmlands, old manor houses and a very special flora. The birdlife is also well-known. Moss municipality is the natural commercial centre for the entire region, with a customer basis of up to 50.000. Moss is a typical industrial town, with 250 firms of various sizes within municipal boundaries. TrioVing, Peterson and Helly Hansen are well-known examples of local businesses, Helly Hansen head office moved to Oslo. The ferry connections to Frederikshavn in Denmark and Horten make Moss a communications crossroads, thanks also to European Highway 6 runnlng right outside the town and the railway through it. Moss large and modern port handles over 2.000 calls a year. In 2007 the military airport called Rygge just outside Moss was converted into a civil airport - Moss Airport. A ferry line (the Bastø Ferry) across the Oslofjord runs between Moss and Horten.

The county Governor of Østfold works out of the brand-new and dominating Government Offices in Moss. The Moss Crow is a well-known symbol of the town. Its arms used to show a church with birds flying round the tower, standing for the pigeons that once alerted the townsmen to fire in the church. In popular parlance the pigeons became crows, and in 1953 the new town arms adopted the crow as emblem. For a description of sights, bathing beaches etc.

Moss and the surrounding district has most of what a summer tourist could wish. A unique location in the most accessible part of Norway - a crossroads by land and sea. The Moss District can offer a variety of experiences and attractions. Bathing beaches, for example - there are more than 40 of them, including the Lido (Sjøbadet) in the very centre of the town. lf you want to stay in a hotel or motel there are many options, either in the centre of the town or in more rural surroundings - or beside trunk routes. Campsites are numerous.

Moss has a full and varied commercial centre, with a mixture of specialist sbops and larger shopping malls, and a wide spectrum of restaurants and pubs. If you are interested in art, you have come to the right place. Moss is now known as "Gallery Town" - for the sake of its fleet of art galleries large and small, with Gallery F 15 on Jeløy island as the flagship.

The district can offer unique countryside such as Mossemarka, Jeløy and above all Vansjø. Several festivals are organised in the summer months, as well as shows, concerts and other cultural events. Stay with us a few days, therefore, and absorb some of what summer in Moss and District can offer. We will do our best to make you feel at home!


The Canal in Moss is an idyllic and lively commercial centre, with a beautiful sheltered guest marina and numerous fine shops close at hand, the Canal is "THE" place to go in Moss. The guest marina is a popular place all summer long, and many visitors even come by car. A growing number of caravans and motorhome tourists are also discovering the area. Lured by the temptations of the nearby beach, many take the opportunity to enjoy an invigorating swim. On the north side of the bridge is the Sjøhuset and Fiskebasaren both offer refreshments and evening entertainment.


Jeløya was actually a peninsula in the Oslofjord, but was divided from the mainland in 1855 by the Moss canal (Mossekanalen) a 20 meter broad canal that was built through the low isthmus. The Canal Bridge (Kanalbrua) is the link between Jeløya and the mainland at Moss. This was at first a low, sliding bridge, and since 1957 a simple-leaf Bascule bridge, but dating from the early 1990s has been locked and unable to open. Part of the city of Moss lies on the south-eastern part of Jeløya.


Twenty-five years ago Gallery F15 took form in the venerable main building of Alby Manor, South Jeløy Conservation Area. Thanks to a large number of important exhibitions the gallery's fame has reached far beyond the borders of Norway. In time other galleries have grown up beside it, and all together they make up what has been called "the Moss Gallery District". Moss is a town and a district with a multicoloured gallery flora and a rich artistic community, especially in Son. Moss itself has more than 70 sculptures within the municipal boundaries, and this also serves to emphasize the position culture enjoys in Moss and District.


Refsnes Gods is a hotel on the island of Jeløy, clopse to the Oslofjord just outside the mansion. The building was originally constructed in 1767 as a pleasure pavilion. It contains a notable art collection. "Gods" means mansion in Norwegian. Since the new owners took over, a large number of unique pieces of art have found a new home at Refsnes Gods. Every guest room and all the common areas have works of a dedicated artist displayed. More than 400 pieces from 90 well-known artists are represented. The list of the artists include names like Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, and Jacob Weidemann. Three works by Munch were stolen from the hotel in March 2005; they were shortly recovered, although one of the works was damaged during the robbery. The resort is also known for its wine cellar.


Moss is one of Norway´s oldest and most versatile industrial centers. Mill city (Møllebyen), which is located by Mossefossen waterfalls was the central point for the city´s first industrial epoch and held this status until approximately 1970. Møllebyen now prevails as a unique historical city environment, where new ventures are established in the old houses and new buildings. Today you find serveral restaurants and cafeés, a large moderc cinema and Moss City and Industry Museum in this area.

Møllebyen is the former city center in Moss. Among other things, the historical King´s Road to Copenhagen passed through the area. Most of the buildings in Møllebyen which have been used for milling are known as Lerke Mølle, Kloster and Galle Møller (named after the owners), Central Warehouse (Central Pakkhus), Kvernhuset (The Mill) and so on. However other activities were also carried out. Among other things, we find the cities first waterworks, which were established in 1876.

The assembly of buildings in Møllebyen are of great historical value. They represent an entire building environment with high architectural quality. The buildings were basically built with a solid foundation and the construction between floors is of wood. The outer walls are of brick. Typical of the architectural features are large roof areas, clearly defined cornices, pillars of brick, cast iron windows, eloquent gables and richly detailed masonry.


The Torderød estate was cleared alredy during the Viking era, while the current estate, the Torderød mansion was built as a summer residence by David Chrystie d.e. in 1758-60. The building is listed, and the Torderød park is the district´s only purely baroque garden. The beautiful premises are hired out to parties. Torderød Gårds Venner (Friends of Torderød Gård) conduct an interesting tour of the main building and the park.


Ekeby Farm is a farm with many goats. The farm is situated by the two natural reserves, Telemarkslunden and Gunnarsbybekken. At Ekeby, taking care of our boer goats is our main priority. Goats are not made to be indoors. They need to have lots of space to move around in all year round. That is why we at Ekeby feed the goats outside. The boer goats don´t like rain and wind, that´s why they have small isolated cabins. Here they can seek shelter when the weather is not good. When it´s cold, the goats keep warm in the cabins by their own body heat.


Lake Vansjø unites the municipalities of Moss, Rygge, Råde, Våler and Vestby. With its countless coves, sounds, bends and islands, Lake Vansjø is a rare gem. The lake´s close proximity to urban areas makes it perfect for recreational activities like swimming, fishing, walking, paddling or camping out. Enjoy a day on the fjord with the gentle wash of the waves, the insistent cry of a seagull and the leisurely pace of a boat. Treat your family to an outing with activities like fishing, playing, cycling and a picnic under the open sky.


Moss & Rygge Golfclub is a golf course with 18 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies at Larkollen, approximately 8 km from Moss Center.