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Sør-Fron in Norway Sør-Fron municipality coat of arms


744,8 km2

Sør-Fron Local Directory

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Sør-Fron municipality has approximately 3.170 inhabitants and covers a area of 744,8 km2. To the top of Ruten mountain Hiking trip up to one of Fron´s highest mountains (1.517 metres above sea level). Experience high mountain farm life at Gålå. You can watch modern farming oprerations in an old environmen. Fishing trip at Gålå with a local guide who has in depth knowledge about mountain fishing. Glacier crossing at Smørstabbreen Glacier crossing with a spectacular view of Smørstabbtindene and Fanaråken, among others. The Pilgrims Route Hiking trip through local history that tells you the importance of the Pilgrims route in the development of our road system up to the reformation period. Canoe safari Paddle in canoe across four mountain lakes.


Gålå is situated at the top of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, and is a year-round resort. We have snow from early November until April and a range of crosscountry trails and downhill pistes and lifts that are groomed and in operation for as long as possible. The first summer guests usually begin to arrive as the last ski enthusiasts are leaving!

Summer at Gålå provides the opportunity for mountaineering, mountain biking, canoeing, walking, riding, swimming or playing tennis in glorious surroundings. You can even go on an "elk safari" !

Henrik Ibsen's world famous poetic drama, "Peer Gynt" is performed annually at a site of great natural beauty. A truly memorable experience. Spring with its profusion of wild flowers and the changing colours of Autumn complete the picture.

In Gålå we live in and from nature. This is why environmental consciousness is serious business for all of us. Our goal in participating in these environmental programmes is to make the company's colleagues and guests more aware of the unique environment surrounding us at Gålå. For more than 100 years, Gålå has accommodated visitors, and we would like our nature, culture and traditions to be protected and preserved. For our long traditions to live on into the future, Gålå must continue to be as clean and beautiful as it is today.


Gudbrandsdalen valley is oriented in a north-westerly direction from Lillehammer and the lake Mjøsa, extending 230 kilometers toward Romsdalen. The river of Gudbrandsdalslågen (Lågen) flows through the valley, starting from Lesjaskogsvatnet and ending at Mjøsa. The Otta river flowing through Otta valley is a major tributary to Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Together with Glomma river and Østerdalen, Gudbrandsdalslågen and Gudbrandsdalen forms Norway´s largest river / valley system. Gudbrandsdalen is home to Dovre Line and the E6 road, and is the main land transport corridor through South Norway, from Oslo and central eastern lowlands to Trondheim and Møre & Romsdal.


Solbråsetra where the Norwegian brown cheese (Brunost) were first made, by Anne Hov in 1863. Solbråsetra is open to visitors during the summer. Here you can taste waffles with brown cheese and get information about Anne Hov.


The valley has been named after Dale-Gudbrand. Hundorp is an important historical site, which several large burial mounds and monumental stones.


A unique collection of farming items and much more from 1720 up to the 20th. century.


Canoe trip down the Lågen river with various cultural stops. Paddling into Harpefoss canyon, past nature reserves and much more.


Hiking trip to learn about geography, history, hiking trails etc. Chair lift to Valsfjell mountain Magnificent view of Jotunheimen and Rondane. Take the chair lift to the top on Valsfjell mountain and bike down the slalom course.


An adventure tour were you paddle 4 lakes and spend the night in Lavvos (Sami tents).


Elk safari with a visit to a farm. Drive your own car or in minibusses, to see the elk in its normal surroundings.


The combination of excellent facilities for both alpine and Nordic skiing makes Gålå a perfect ski resort for families and groups with varied demands and skills. Gålå has a total of 15 runs and 8 ski lifts on the 2 sides of the valley, and the floodlit snowpark has its own big jump area and lots of rails. New snowmaking facilities guarantees that more than 60% of the slopes are covered with artificial snow, and the wide runs are perfect for Telemark skiing. From Gålå you also have access to 230 km of groomed cross-country tracks.


Fishermen meet by Gålå lake. Fishing trip at Gålå with a local guide who has in depth knowledge about mountain fishing. Net fishing at Gålåvann lake Participants will set the nets, wich are drawn the next morning.


Golfclubs in Oppland.