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Sør-Aurdal in Norway Sør-Aurdal municipality coat of arms


1.109,0 km2

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Sør-Aurdal muncipality has approximately 3.200 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.109,0 km2. Sør-Aurdal is the one most south of the 6 township in Valdres. Approximately 600 is situated in the administrative centre at Bagn. No other area offers as many challenges and diversity as mountain landscape. You can choose from simple activities that you can do on your own or join a tour with a tourguide to some towering peaks, cross magical glaciers or descend into the blackest of caverns. Some activities are of short duration and can be done without any special preparation. Most activities, however, require time to prepare and you must have access to the necessary equipment.


Vassfaret is a forest valley between Hallingdal and Valdres, bordering Flå, Nes, Ringerike in Buskerud and Sør-Aurdal in Oppland. The valley is said to be between the Hallingdal and Hedalen in the traditional district of Valdres.

A special area covering cultural protection covers about 8 km² within the Inner Vassfaret landscape protection area. It is about 30 km long, with lakes and rivers with remnants from the timber floating era. There are streams, steeps and rocky mountains. All togheter there are the remains of 12 farms and subsidiary places, as well as the remains of mountain farms. Timber production has existed for more than 300 years. Vassfaret and Vidalen was made a protected area by Royal Decree on June 28th, 1985. It was the intention to take care of flora and fauna characteristic of the inner area of eastern Norway, as well as the diverse cultural remains.

A cultural protection plan was made for an area for about 8 sq.km within the inner Vassfaret landscape protection area. Here is timer production still using the old methods. Every spring the timber is floated to the Nevlingdammen.

During World War II (1940-45), there was intense activity in Vassfaret. It was the homeground of the operational base code-named ELG and the location for many parachute drops. Vassfaret in the past was a good area for bears. The last bear shot fell at Bukollen in 1956. The authors Mikkjel Fønhus, Per Hohle and Edvard Elsrud have written many bookds based on the history and legends from Vassfaret. From Flå you can go to Vassfaret with roads from Gulsvik, Veneli and Domfet.


Vassfaret Nature Trail goes through the central part of Vassfaret that is part of Flå community. The nature trail has 20 information posts with 38 placards which tell about Vassfaret's geology, plant life, cultural history, protection plans, forest use, hunting and fishing etc. The trail is about 16 km long. At Likkistefjell there is a good view over Vassfaret.


The church was built about 1225-1250, thus some like to date it to the late 1100´s. The first written records of it dates back to 1327. Even this church have undergone restorations and replacements throughout the history, of which a major rebuilding into cruciform occurred in 1699. The church was completely restored again in about 1900. Only the main construction of the nave and and some of the exterior exists from the original church.


The church is mentioned for the first time in 1327 AD, but was probably built in about 1290-1320 AD. The altar screen is made from a medieval Madonna triptych and the pulpit bears the stamp of the Renaissance. From the church site, one have a magnificent grand view of the Valdres district.

The Stave Churches are constructions of high quality, richly decorated with carvings. In virtually all of them the door frames are decorated from top to bottom with carvings. This tradition of rich ornamentation appears to go back to the animal carvings of the Viking age. The dragons are lovingly executed and transformed into long-limbed creatures of fantasy, here and there entwined with tendrils of vine, with winding stems and serrated leaves. The elaborate designs are executed with supreme artistic skill. The stave church doorways are, therefore, among the most distinctive works of art to be found in Norway. However, it is difficult to connect them with the Christian gospel.


(Rakfisk = half-fermented trout). Hunting and fishing is both for the supplement, and for the fun of it. In most of the waters and rivers there are mountain-trout to be caught. Both wild and breed trout are especially enjoyed around Christmas either smoked or as "raka" fish. (Raka-fish is fish that is cleansed, salted and put in barrels where it is kept for about 2 months at 6-9 degrees Celsius, before it´s eaten.)

Valdres is well known for its numerous mountain waters and lakes as well as rivers and streams that are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. You can purchase fishing passes for more than 100 sites, or the recommended "Fishing in Valdres" pass, giving you access to almost 70 sites all over Valdres.

Aurdalsfjorden is a lake well organized with facilities for fishing. Excellent trout and perch fishing. The fishing licence is valid both for the Aurlandsfjord and the Begnavassdraget, all the way to the Sør-Aurdal county border.

Begna river, from Bagn in Valdres to Nes i Ådal, is one of this regions most popular rivers to fish trout. This is the river that the "writer of the wilderness" Mikkjel Fønhus named "the big river" in his books. Mikkjel Fønhus lived and wrote at the Begna´s riverside. In Begna you can fish for trout, perch, pike and whitefish. (Pike just south of Eid). It is the trout and the pike that is the most numerous. In early spring and late fall the most usual bait is worm. In May - August there is an exiting fly fishing season. The river is easy accessible from both sides of E16. Many beautiful fishing spots is marked and it is made several fishing paths along the riverside.

Vangsmjøsa, an idyllic lake in Vang surrounded at all sides by high mountains. You can buy a fishing licence for both rod and otterfishing and you are allowed to fish both from the shore and from boat. Vangsmjøsa have excellent facilities for the people with special needs and the fishing places and easy accessible from the road.

Fasle is a river with excellent facilities situated between the Strondafjord and the Aurdalsfjord. Good fishing with several goods spots for catching fish. Good trout and perch fishing. Easy to reach from Rv51.

In Eidsbugarden the lakes are situated 1100 - 1500 meters above sea level. Not too much fish caught in the last few years. Bygdin is situated 1050 metres above sea level. The other lakes are 1200 metres above sea level and higher. This is high mountain fishing. You will not find big fish in these lakes. About 20 km on a gravel road (fv 252) from Tyin to Eidsbugarden. From here you have to walk 1/2-1 hour to reach the lakes in question.


Valdres Alpine Center is situated in Aurdal. The alpine area includes 10 pists, a children's course, and a well-known snowboard park which is preferred by top snowboarders. In the peak season 120 km of prepared ski tracks are linked with the Beitostølen tracks. This gives opportunities, in exciting and exceptionally beautiful surroundings. High quality accommodation is close to the alpine centre and the ski tracks, which makes Aurdal an ideal destination for a family friendly combination of alpine and cross country.


As a guest in Tisleidalen you may also use the ski tracks at Golsfjellet, or make your own tracks in unspoiled nature. The highest peaks for the tracks are: Gribbe 1.057 mosl. and Nystølvarden 1.296 mosl. Family friendly Tisleidalen also offer the "100 meter wood" for children. The alpine centre is popular, with perfect pists for telemark- and snowboarders. Miles of snow capped mountains invite you to an area where prepared cross country ski tracks offer challenges for amateurs and skilled. Here you will find several ski tracks. Most of the tracks are suited for families and marked on maps and in the terrain with different colours. Tisleidalen is snow safe, and combined with the ski tracks it gives great opportunities as soon as early autumn. We use high quality, modern prep-machines, and all tracks are double.


Valdres Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies close to Aurdalsfjorden, between Aurdal and Leira in Vestringsbygda.