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Nordre Land

Nordre Land in Norway Nordre Land municipality coat of arms


955,3 km2

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Nordre-Land muncipality has approximately 6.800 inhabitants and covers a area of 955,3 km2. Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Nordre-Land. Dokka, the seat of the townships administration has a population of approximately 2500. Nordre Land lies in the north of Randsfjorden and stretches to Synnfjell, approximately in the middle of Oppland, with a short distance to Gjøvik and Lillehammer.

The river Etna flows from Etnedal and through western parts of the municipality down into the Randsfjorden. Lake Akksjøen is also in this area.

The rock carvings at Møllerstufossen are more than 6,000 years old. There are 11 carvings of moose, and also two that are more difficult to interpret. Sometime in the stone age this must have been an important place. The Lands Museum is located in Dokka. About thirty buildings are reassembled in the area. In the main building from the Thomle farm there are rococo paintings on the walls by Peder Aadnes dating from about 1750.