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Tysfjord in Norway Tysfjord municipality coat of arms


1.463,8 km2

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Tysfjord muncipality has approximately 2.050 inhabitants and covered a area of 1.463,8 km2. Tysfjord is a municipality with distinctive features. The area is impressive with its wild and beautiful scenery with deep fjords and steep, majestic mountains. The mountains are spectacular and the fjords abounding in fish of various species. Tysfjord is situated where Norway is at its narrowest. From Hellemobotn and to the Swedish border there is only 6 km. The county is a two cultural commune as it is center for the Lule-Sami population in Norway.

Tysfjord is especially known for its great concentration of killer whales that enter the fjord every fall. The killer whales follow the spawning herring, which also every year has come to Tysfjord in great shoals between October and January. Nature is overwhelming north of the Polar circle. The days are short, but at night the aurora may really light up the sky.

The mountains of North Norway are perhaps not as impressive when measured in metres above sea level, but one must remember that they often rise straight up from the sea and even then they can reach heights of almost 2000 metres. The close proximity to the sea makes the views beyond description on a bright sunny day.

Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical Midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.


Stetind, the national mountain of Norway, the gem among Norway´s mountains. Stetind shows a marked and sensational mountain formation, a monolith rising out of the fjord up to 1.392 meters above sea level.


Every fall the herring and the killer whales enter the Tysfjord to spend the winter here. Between October and January, killer whale safaris are arranged in big whale watching guide boats and rubber boats.

Under the right conditions the most adventurous among us can join the killer whales in the water. All the tours start and end at Tysfjord Turistsenter at Storjord in Tysfjord.


Kjøpsvik is the borough's administrative centre. Most of the inhabitants are living in Kjøpsvik, Drag, Storjord and in the Lule-Sami village Musken. Kjøpsvik have approximately 1.150 inhabitants.


Korsnes, which is an idyllic fishing village. A walk on the pier, and if you are lucky, you'll see cormorants, otters and sea eagles.


The rock-carving field of "Dyreberget" (which means "the rock of the animals") at Leiknes. The oldest rock-carvings of the field are 9000 years old. The field is composed by 55 drawings. Amongst other animals, we can see a moose, a bear, two swans, a reindeer, a large orca and a small hare. Most of the animals are drawn in natural size. The field is very impressive.


On your way, you'll see several beaches with white, clean sand. Walk on the rocks and on the beaches, enjoying the view to the Vestfjord and to the wall of the Lofoten Island. There are also several ruins from World War II at Tysnes. You'll walk to the island of Tysnes in order to have a closer look at them if the conditions are right.


The museum at Arran, the lulesamic centre. The museum substantiates and illustrates samic history and today´s life, livingconditions and culture, with emphasis on the lulesamic areas in Norway and Sweden.


To spend an evening in the darkness on the fjord gives you a very special experience – particularly in calm, clear and cool weather, with the polar light dancing over the snow-covered peaks of Tysfjord. If the herring shoals are active, we will be fascinated by the fantastic display of light in a fjord, which, for the rest of the year lies there in total darkness.


We go to places offering the greatest possibilities to discover the elk. The climax of our safari is to get close to the elk – the king of the forests – in his own, natural environment. We cannot for certain tell where we will see the elk, but we would not be surprised if we not only will see them one by one, but also in small flocks. We may not only meet elks, since the area has a rich animal life, representing fox, otter, hares, white-tailed eagles, herons and cormorants.


The Nordland county is the land of the white-tailed eagle. Here we find the largest stock of this majestic bird of prey in the entire world. This bird may have a wing-span of more than two meters. You can experience the realm of the white-tailed eagle at short range.


The area offers an excellent touring ground with marked paths. Here you can enjoy all types of nature and environments, from the steep shoreline between the sea and the high mountains, to the long and smooth moors. Enjoy a hike from the white sandy beach to the smooth and soft moss on marked paths in the border mountains.


The fjord offers great possibilities for catching cod, coalfish/pollack, lump fish or maybe a salmon. You may use your own fishing rod, or you may rent a trolling line or a fishing line (jukse).


Golfclubs in Nordland.