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Steigen in Norway Steigen municipality coat of arms


1.006,8 km2

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Steigen muncipality has approximately 2.650 inhabitants and covered a area of 1.006,8 km2 in Nordland county. The first part of the trip goes through a more than 8 km long tunnel. After this the road proceeds further through a picturesque stretch of land alongside the Sagfjord.

At Forsan there is a picnic area with wonderfull views and fine surroundings. The road continues along a coastal area spiced with fantastic nature and cultural memorials from several centuries. You may also be able to see numerous species of eagles along your route.

Steigen muncipality can impress even the most blasé tourist with her sandy beaches and the skerries of the Vestfjord as contrast to the wild, almost alpine mountains at Engeløya and on the mainland. Here is where thousands of fishermen travelled "The waterway" with their open boats to Lofoten and the winter-fisheries every year, with old commercial centres as a beautiful pearl necklace along the coast.

Here you can find remains from the Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age and up the World War II, botanical sensations concidering the latitude, and a rich wildlife with the sea eagle as the ruler. In short, a small paradise for those of you looking for peace and quiet, outdoor-life and nature-based activities like hiking and biking, climbing and fishing.

Here you can sail, row, dive in the clean and amazingly clear water, paraglide or just take a stroll along the beach and let your fantasy guide you into the mythical landscape of our ancestors. This is the land of the magic light where even the Greek god Apollon used to go on pilgrimage every 16th year to gather strenght.

Engeløya is best enjoyed in slow motion, for with her rich archeological finds, gentle beaches and wonderful view over to Lofoten and Hamarøy she is a find for bikers and hikers.

Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical Midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.


Steigen Museum is located at Laskestad on Engeløya, 300 meters from the main road. The doctor used tol live in the old idyllic house from 1877, but the house is now turned into a museum. With the old country store, the crofter’s cottage and a tool- and wagonshed it is a nice place for a cup of coffe and traditional foods. If you continue north from Bø and then east along the northern coast of Engeløya, you will arrive at Skagstad Old School, which is a part of Steigen Museum.


Batterie Dietl, one of the largest coastal fortresses from World War II. One of the cannon bunkers has been turned into a museum, and gives an impression of the wartime atmosphere. Exhibitions, multi-media. Kiosk. Small cafe.


The Parsonage´s Garden is located at the right side of the road leading to the museum. It is open to the public. It was laid out in 1872, and you can find rare trees for this geographic region, like oak, copper beech, horse chestnut etc. On the hill above Laskestad school you find Norway´s northenest hazelwood. On your way west, you find a turnoff to Røssøya. At the first right turn, you find the fishing harbour, and the boat to Løvøy Old Commercial Center.


Going west from the museum you will pass the only shop and fuelsale. Approximately 500 meter after, Northern Norways tallest stone monument, Langsteinen, turns up at the right side of the road. It probably marks the border between two farms, but may also be connected to the grave mounds on the other side of the road.


This is a walk through one of the richest archeological sites in Northern Norway. The walk is signposted so that you can get an impression og the historical background for the settlement at Engeløya.


Steigen church is an open church from the early Middle Ages. Guided tours are available, or you can go in and have a quiet contemplation. Books, coffee an cakes for sale.


On your way westwards to Bø, you pass the Russian War Memorial. The war memorial was erected by Russian prisoners who survived the war, in memorial of the more than 500 Russian war prisoner who died here during the war. The Russian prison camp was located nearby.


Turn right just after Engeløya Bridge in direction Skånland / Holkestad. Holkestad is a very scenic place with lovely beaches.


Back on the main road you continue towards Leinesfjord. Follow the turn-off to Nordskot. From here there is boat transport to Grøtøy and Grøtøy Old Commercial Center with Telegrafhen Cafe. In the Nordskot area there are two caves and two small museums. On your way back to the main road, turn left in Lund toward Ersvika. Here is an old settlement from 6000 years before our time.


On your way to Nordfold and Hellnessund you pass the administrative center in Leinesfjord, where most service-functions are located. Leave the main road in Botn and continue towards Hellnessund. Here you find a variety of beautiful nature spots, with wild mountains, and a beautiful seascape towards Vestfjorden. Hellnessund is a lively fishing station. Fresh fish can be bought directly from the fishing boats. Pleasant atmosphere in attractive surroundings. Here is also Feskarkroa with cafe, pub and lodging in good standard.


We recommend a trip to Brennviksanden, a more than two kilometer long beach with soft, white sand, surrounded by wild mountains an caracteristic houses.


Back to the main road, continue to Nordfold. Here you find The Northern Feminist University, which in addition to a lot of exciting projeckts and adult education programs runs a guesthouse and cafe.


After the visit at Batterie Dietl it might be tempting to visit the beach Bøsanden. Follow sign from the main road a few hundred meters north of the sign to "Festningsanlegg".


Lofoten's cod fishing season is between January and April. The original method was lines pulled in by hand from open boats, but today's modern fishing fleet employs more efficient fishing gear. Deep sea fishing enthusiasts can take a fishing trip out on the ocean. You can fish for salmon, cod and halibut. Be aware that there are a number of special rules in regards to fishing.