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Rødøy in Norway Rødøy municipality coat of arms


711,9 km2

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Rødøy is a coastal township under the Arctic Circle, the famous landmark which you cross on the Kilboghamn - Jektvik ferry, is marked by a globe. People live on 6-7 of the biggest islands along the fjords on the mainland. Rødøy muncipality has approximately 1.300 inhabitants and covers a area of 711,9 km2. The principal industries are fishing, sea farming and agriculture. The administration centre is Vågaholmen. Both the World´s most beautiful Tourist Road (Kystriksveien) the Coastal Route and the World´s Most Beautiful Voyage (Hurtigruten) the Coastal Steamer passes through a varying and inviting landscape.

Rødøyløva and Hestmannen are located at strategic points in the shipping lane and have been landmarks for seamen since times immemorial.

A little southwest of Vågaholmen stands Rødøyløva, a 400 metre high red serpentine sphinx. The county coad-of arms is based on this famous landmark. In the east, the municipality is divided by deep fjords; Sørfjord, Melfjord, Nordfjord, Værangfjord and Tjongsfjord. In its position in the Saltfjellet / Svartisen National Park, the Nordfjord can offer fantastic natural experiences. To the west is the archipelago, consisting of 986 islands and some 1.176 skerries.


The majestic Rødøyløva, a 440 metres high sphinx with a hue of reddish serpentine, is the motif for Rødøy local authority’s coat of arms. The mountains are easy to climb for hikers, and there is a sign-posted route to Rødøyløva. Both Mount Rødøyløva and Mount Hestmannen (the Horseman) lies near the shipping lanes and has always been an identification mark for sailers.


From Nordfjorden in Melfjorden one can easily visit the glacier Svartisen. Just north of Hestmannen is the old trading centre of Selsøyvik. Founded in the 1770´s Selsøyvik is still a thriving community with a grocery store, fish farms, shipping agency and tanker facilities. Another restored trading post (Falch Gamle Handelssted) can be found in Tjogsfjorden which has a unique antique collection from the 1930's.


At Myken you will find a tiny fishing community, which exists almost in spite of the forces of nature. Summer is high season for a visit from a large number of holidaymakers. It is operated year-round grocery store on Myken, and local activities include Arctic whisky distillery and a station of weatherobservatory. Bache-Gabrielsen buys liquor produced on Myken. The spirit is undertaking to France by boats.

Nordfjorden, situated within the Saltfjellet / Svartisen National Park, is a wonderful nature experience.

Myken Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse on the small island of Jutøya in the Myken island. The occulting light can be seen for up to 16.8 nautical miles. The light burns continuously from 1 August until 5 May each year. The light is not on during May through July due to the midnight sun.

Myken has a speedboat connection from Tonnes to Vågaholmen.


Rødøy also has a beautiful and unusual 100-yearold church built in the shape of a cross. Rødøy´s church history dates back to the 12th century.


The World´s Most Beautiful Voyage is a voyage like no other. Nothing can compare with it. Nothing about this journey will resemble anything you have ever experienced before. A ticket for the Coastal Steamer is a ticket to the theatre, an 11-day drama in which new acts constantly unfold all around you. See the pictures from the Coastal Steamer taken by one of our passengers.


The Midnight Sun stays above the horizon, and it is light 24 hours a day. The sky must be clear and there must be unobstructed visibility northwards in order to see the Midnight Sun. A summer night on the fjord or in the mountains is an experience not to be missed, you can go fishing in the fjord, which contains splendid variation of fish, or you can take a walk in the wilderness surrounding.


Aurora Borealis is the Latin name for the Northern Lights – solar winds that meet the atmosphere in a zone around the magnetic North Pole. The Northern Lights are only visible when the sky is dark and clear, from August to April, and they are most intense from 10 pm to midnight. The region on the 700 northern latitude is a fantastic place for experiencing the beautiful and intense play of colours given off by the Northern Lights.


The dark time, or the long, dark Polar Night, lasts from 30th November - 12th January - there is only a twilight-dusk type of light (the blue light) for a few hours during the middle of the day. This does not mean that it becomes totally dark, however. The aurora borealis trails its multicoloured banner across the sky and the moon lights the scene just like the nightlight of Our Lord. The experience of the winter with the uniqueness of the light, the northern lights and snow is fantastic. Especially beautiful is the blue light southwards, just before it becomes dark.


The sea attracts boating enthusiasts, while anglers can choose between ocean and fresh-water fishing. Many of the hotels and camping sites offer boat rentals and tours for fishing or sightseeing. You also can rent speed boats, join sail-boat trips and at not at least experience "peace of mind".


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