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Leirfjord in Norway Leirfjord municipality coat of arms


465,3 km2

Leirfjord Local Directory

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Leirfjord municipality has approximately 2.200 inhabitants and covers a area of 465,3 km2. The principal industries are fishing industry and public service. The administration centre is Leland. Leirfjord is centrally situated on the coast of Helgeland. The Coastal Road runs through the municipality. You can get here via highway Rv 78, from Sandnessjøen via Rv 17 over the Helgelandsbrua bridge, or by ferry.


The old school, which is part of Leirfjord’s collection of preserved buildings, has been restored to its original 19th century state. In the bell ringer’s and teacher’s building, the furniture and furnishings have been also been restored to the style of the 19th century. The local authority centre of Leland is situated on the Coastal Route Rv 17. Here you will find services such as restaurants and grocery shops, bank, post office and petrol station.


In Bardal, 16 km from Levang, you will find Wangbrygga (1870) with a complete shop museum, and the gallery "Galleri Bardal".


The Midnight Sun stays above the horizon, and it is light 24 hours a day. The sky must be clear and there must be unobstructed visibility northwards in order to see the Midnight Sun. A summer night on the fjord or in the mountains is an experience not to be missed, you can go fishing in the fjord, which contains splendid variation of fish, or you can take a walk in the wilderness surrounding.


Aurora Borealis is the Latin name for the Northern Lights – solar winds that meet the atmosphere in a zone around the magnetic North Pole. The Northern Lights are only visible when the sky is dark and clear, from August to April, and they are most intense from 10 pm to midnight. The region on the 700 northern latitude is a fantastic place for experiencing the beautiful and intense play of colours given off by the Northern Lights.


The dark time, or the long, dark Polar Night, lasts from 30th November - 12th January - there is only a twilight-dusk type of light (the blue light) for a few hours during the middle of the day. This does not mean that it becomes totally dark, however. The aurora borealis trails its multicoloured banner across the sky and the moon lights the scene just like the nightlight of Our Lord. The experience of the winter with the uniqueness of the light, the northern lights and snow is fantastic. Especially beautiful is the blue light southwards, just before it becomes dark.


The terrain around Leirfjord offers a challenge to both adults and children. The idyllic Fagervika at the mouth of Ranafjorden is a gem. Here you will find a sign-posted heritage trail with cultural monuments dating back over 1,000 years.


The nature is varied and lush, and with its coastline, fjords, mountains and rich fishing rivers, Leirfjord is a paradise for anglers and hikers. The best fishing spots are in the Leirelva river, which flows into Leirosen near the Coastal Route (Rv 17). In summer the ocean char returns to the lake at the source of the river to spawn. Fishing permits are available from the Hydro petrol station in Leirosen.