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Hamarøy in Norway Hamarøy municipality coat of arms


1.031,3 km2

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Hamarøy municipality has approximately 1.800 inhabitants and covered a area of 1.031,3 km2. Oppeid is the municipal centre of the borough of Hamarøy. Hamarøy is often called the "Pearl of Northern Norway". Hamarøy is part of the traditional district of Salten. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Oppeid. Other villages include Drag, Innhavet, Karlsøy, Korsnes, Presteid, Skutvika, Tømmerneset, Tranøy, and Ulvsvåg.

The name Hamarøy is naturally connected to author Knut Hamsun. From here he found the scenery and lifestyles described in the world famous litterature he created. The reason is obvious when travelling across Kråkmofjell and the Sagvassdalen valley spreads out before you with its seven glimmering lakes all in a row. Hamarøy a treasure to be shared. Kråkmotinden peak, with its distinct profile, keeps a vigilant eye on Kråkmo Farm where Knut Hamsun wrote "Segelfoss Town" and began writing "The Growth of the Soil".

Hamarøy is blessed with dramatically beautiful scenery. Towering mountains, forests and fertile farmland, skerries and islands, fjords and wide open sea. Here you can enjoy untouched wilderness and yet find all the services you need. We invite you to share our cultural offerings and hospitality, but first and foremost to make your own discoveries. Go for a walk along the shore, or climb to the top of a mountain! Enjoy the peace and quiet and the bright North Norwegian summer nights.

Take pleasure in the clear air and sparkling colours of autumn, or the multi-faceted blue tones of winter. Follow in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winning author, Knut Hamsun. The Hamsun Festival has already become a tradition in Hamarøy. There is a wealth of opportunity at your fingertips!

Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical Midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.


Knut Hamsun was born on 4 August 1859 in Garmo, a remote mountain hamlet on the western shore of Lake Vågå. He died at his country estate Nærholm, near Grimstad, during the night of 19 February 1952. A life of 92 years and 6 months, stretching from the age of horse-drawn carriages to that of the atom bomb. A life full of restlessness and complications, yet at the same time a life rich in experiences. And, most important of all, a life in the service of words. When Hamsun was three years old, his family moved to Hamarøy. Here they earned their living as ordinary farmers, with his father´s trade to supplement the income: he was a skilled tailor. Knut was the fourth of seven children.

Knut Hamsun was married to Marie for more than forty years. Marie and Knut Hamsun bought the farm Skogheim in Oppeid, the idea being to earn their living as farmers, with his writing providing some additional income. Marie was a young and promising actress when she met Hamsun, but she broke off her career and travelled with him to his childhood home at Hamarøy. There they bought a farm, the idea being to earn their living as farmers, with his writing providing some additional income. However, after a few years Hamsun discovered - to Marie´s regret - that Hamarøy was after all not the place for him, and they moved South, to Larvik. In 1918, the couple bought Nærholm, an old and somewhat dilapidated manor house between Lillesand and Grimstad.

Knut Hamsun was awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature for Markens Grøde.


The agricultural area to Hamsund, where Knut Hamsun grew up. Today his childhood home has become a museum. Knut Hamsun was born on 4 August 1859 in Garmo, a remote mountain hamlet on the western shore of Lake Vågå.


In the municipal centre of Oppeid, you will find Skogheim, Hamsun's own farm and the Hamarøy Bygdetun Village Museum.


Hamarøy Bygdemuseum area with many buildings. Also the tourist information for Hamarøy.


Karl Erik Harr´s Hamsun illustrations in the old country store where Knut Hamsun was employed as a salesman in his youth.


One of the oddest mountain in Nordland, climbed for the first time in 1885. Hamarøyskaftet is a landmark and are approximately 612 metres.


Visit the second strongest maelstrom in the world, Nesstraumen. If you want to try your luck fishing you can fish from the shore or you can fish from a boat. The archaeological show that there have been big activity at Ness for 1500 years. At Ness they have found 29 Viking graves. The grave mounds in Nesseberget soutwest of the quay, they have located 12 graves. The area is protected because of the large number of nesting birds.


If you want to experince the coast of Hamarøy you can sign up for a trip with a "Nordland boat" called "Ægir".


Tranøy is an old and charateristic pilot community and commercial center farthest out in Vestfjorden. See white-tailed eagles, killer whales, go horseback riding, sailing or pay a visit to the galleries in Tranøy.


Tranøy Fyr an old lighthouse situated on a islet in the Vestfjorden where the buildings are used as a holiday center. The islet is attached to the mainland by a 250 metres long footbridge. Guided tours in the lighthouse.


Deep sea fishing enthusiasts can take a fishing trip out on the ocean. You can fish for salmon, cod and halibut. Be aware that there are a number of special rules in regards to fishing. Remember to purchase a fishing licence.