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Grane in Norway Grane municipality coat of arms


2.008,5 km2

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Grane muncipality has approximately 1.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 2.008,5 km2. Grane municipality is located in part of the Helgeland traditional region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Trofors. There are several other villages including Fallmoen, Leiren, Majavatn, and Strendene. The European route E06 highway and the Nordlandsbanen railway line run through the municipality from south to north. Grane municipality includes many lakes including Fiskelausvatnet, Gåsvatnet, Jengelvatnet, Majavatnet, Mellingsvatnet, Nedre Fiplingvatnet, Sefrivatnet, and Storsvenningvatnet. The main river Vefsna also runs through the valley. There are two national parks that are partially located in Grane: Børgefjell National Park and Lomsdal / Visten National Park.

In Grane, the district north of the municipality, the North´s second biggest attraction, the beautiful 17 meter high waterfall Laksforsen. The village Grane is also the local church. Grane municipality is a typical inland community with a lot of forest, mountains, hills and numerous rivers and lakes. The business community is diverse and stable within the agriculture, forestry, tourism, light industry and commerce. Window manufacturer Norgesvinduet Svenningdal is the biggest The company with its 90 employees.

Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical Midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.


Svenningdal is known for tall and lush spruce forests - a large tree on the Upper Hjortskarmo said to be North Norway´s largest of its kind. In Svenningdal find both mototcross and airport for aircraft.


Fiplingdal located east of the municipality and is a typical mountain village. From here you can see the mountain range in Børgefjellet mountain at its best. Highest are Kvigtind and Golvertind, up close to 1700 meters above sea level. In Fiplingdal there are ski slope with lift moves. Bæråsen in Fiplingdal and mountains between Svenningdal and Fiplingdal is popular destination for both summer and winter, with easy and familiar terrain. Here you can start from the E6 or the "Wilderness Road" through Fiplingdalen.


Trofors is a veimessig hub for both north-south and the inland and coastal. The center is conveniently located for great scenery with the mighty Børgefjell National Park on one side and Lomsdal - Visten National Park on the other. The famous Vefsna river flows by the town in all its majesty north towards Mosjøen. Haustreisdalen valley with beautiful mountains and hillsides, fiskløsvatn, pilfjellet and areas north and east of the community center Trofors has great hiking. Starting point can be from the Black Water or Haustreisdalen valley.

Marcus & Martinus is a Norwegian pop duo composed of twin brothers Marcus Gunnarsen and Martinus Gunnarsen who now live in Trofors.


Majavatn far south of Grane, is one of the core areas of the Sami population. Reindeer husbandry, tourism and agriculture form the economic basis for the district. Majavatn with large mountainous areas to the west of that is worth a visit. As you see are large areas of wilderness. For longer trips it is important to follow the mountain codes and be happy good time.


Børgefjell National Park was created 9 august 1963 and has an area of 1447 km2. Børgefjell National Park extends from 270 to 1699 meters above sea level. Lakes, rivers, marshes, watch, moors, mountains and peaks is one of the Børgefjell offers. From Grane recommended Simskaret and Tomasvatn Lake as gateways to the park. In Børgefjell there is no marked trails and otherwise very suitable for tourism. It´s like the character, all the lakes and rivers is a paradise for trout fishing. Otherwise it´s great unspoilt mountainous landscape from 270 meters to 1700 meters above sea level. To enter the national park lake or recommended Tomma Sims vessel is a starting point.

Vesterfjellene mountains we call like areas west of E6. Here is a more alpine landscape in relation to particular parts of the eastern Børgefjell. There are several places to start a tour of these areas. Here you will meet the sea in the west, but for most it is less trips with fishing, hunting, berry picking as deadlines. The landscape is characterized by spruce and pine forests and birch. It is comparatively much moorland and mountains.


Lomsdal - Visten National Park was opened in 2009. The area of 1102 km2, extends through the municipalities of Grane, Vefsn, Brønnøy Vevelstad. From Grane we recommend Stavassdalen as the gateway to the park. With the mighty rivers Vefsna and Svenningelva river in between the conditions for outdoor activities of all the opportunities in the first grade. We have more than 2,000 lakes in the municipality. The new Lomsdal - Visten National Park lies in this area. Stavassdalen is a good starting point, several places along the Tosenveien (R.76) are good starting points. Gåsvatn area can be recommended.


Opportunities to hunt small game in particular, is very good. Large sections of the Grane is state land. Grouse hunting is particularly extensive, but it hunted a great deal on forest birds. Snaring is an old tradition that still allowed for grouse in Granby. Hare population is relatively little exploited.

Due to livestock grazing and reindeer herding, hunting with dogs is regulated at the state land in Grane in the period 10.09. - 19.09. Moose hunting is very popular and the common annually between 100 and 150 animals.

The large undisturbed natural areas in the municipality may also provide other exciting wildlife adventures, including large predators. Lynx, wolverines and bears have permanent residence in the municipality and dispersal of wolves.


Grane is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts both freshwater fish and salmon. In Grane are about 2000 lakes and pond. Most trout are clean water, but in some it is also char. Vefsna, Nordlands largest river, runs through our community and, together with side river Svenningdalselva river 126 km. salmon stretch.