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Namdalseid in Norway Namdalseid municipality coat of arms


769,5 km2

Namdalseid Local Directory

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Namdalseid is the gateway to the Namdalen Valley. Namdalseid municipality has approximately 1.700 inhabitants and covers a area of 769,5 km2, lies in Nord Trøndelag. The principal industries are agriculture, commodity, trade, tourism and industry. The district has a lot to offer along RV 17, with a varied landscape stretching from mountains to fjord.


If you would like a holiday in the wilderness the municipality Namdalseid has much to offer. You will find large areas suitable for hunting, fishing and outdoor life. Information about fishing licence and other things, get in touch with the tourist information.


Aasnæs Glassverk is the area’s contribution to "The Northbound Trail" project. The glass works were in operation from 1813 to 1883. In the restored main building you can enjoy the display of glass produced at the works. You can visit the glass factory every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


Explore the coastline of Norway and enjoy one of Norway´s finest tourist roads, or simply find your paradise for relaxation and peace of mind. The Costal Route (Kysriksveien or Rv17) is an exciting 650 km long stretch of road between Steinkjer in the south and Bodø in the north.

Apart from the traditional campsites, you will find self catering accommodation like Cabins, Fisherman cabins, or seahouses in most places along the route. In most of the places boatrental is available.


Some of the best rivers (Ågårdsriver, Øyensåriver, Fergariver and more) for small salmon are found here, and fly-fishing is very popular. Fly fishing is considered an exclusive activity, and some practice is necessary in order to master the art. The local population was taught fly fishing by English anglers in the 1830s.