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Leka in Norway Leka municipality coat of arms


110,2 km2

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Leka muncipality has approximately 600 inhabitants and covers a area of 110,2 km2. It is part of the Namdalen region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Leka. The coastal municipality of Leka consists of Gutvik on the Austra peninsula and the island of Leka. Leka is accessible via ferry from Gutvik (20 min. driving via Rv 17) or express boat from Namsos. There is daily express boat service and a nice guest harbor for visiting boats.

The principal industries are agriculture, sea-farming, public and privat services. Through Nærøy muncipality runs the Coastal Route (Rv17).

The saga Island of Leka offers a multitude of scenic experiences and mountain formations which resemble the American Grand Canyon. The red serpentine mountains make this one of Norway´s most beautiful and special islands. In 1932, a 3-year old girl was snatched by an eagle in Leka. The incident is the subject of a book and a film. Leka has a number of sights to offer tourists.


At Solsemhola you can see Stone Age rock paintings.


Herlaugshaugen is Norway´s second largest burial mound from the Viking Age.


Herlaugsspelet is held annually in mid-July. The festivities offer many activities and experiences. You can, for example, take part in a local day at the Leka Local Museum (which has, among other things, a large boat collection), parades, art exhibitions, shows and outdoor games.


Explore the coastline of Norway and enjoy one of Norway´s finest tourist roads, or simply find your paradise for relaxation and peace of mind. The Costal Route (Kysriksveien or Rv17) is an exciting 650 km long stretch of road between Steinkjer in the south and Bodø in the north.

Apart from the traditional campsites, you will find self catering accommodation like Cabins, Fisherman cabins, or seahouses in most places along the route. In most of the places boatrental is available.


There are also several hiking trails, and you can visit caves in Gutvik.


The possibility of seeing a white-tailed eagle is great, since Leka has 10 of these nesting birds.


The many shipwrecks outside of Leka have made it an exciting spot for scuba divers.


Leka is ideal for ocean fishing, and also has some great fishing lakes inland. Rent a boat and equipment if you want to try your fishing luck.