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Flatanger in Norway Flatanger municipality coat of arms


460,2 km2

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Flatanger municipality has approximately 1.200 inhabitants and covers a area of 460,2 km2, lies in Nord Trøndelag. It is part of the Namdalen region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Lauvsnes. Other villages include Jøssund and Vik. Flatanger is the first coastal municipality on the Rv 17. Turn off road Rv 17 at Sjøåsen in Namdalseid and follow road Rv 766 to Flatanger. The principal industries are agriculture and sea farming.

The area has great opportunities for fishing and outdoor pursuits. The municipality consists mostly of mainland, but also includes almost 1,400 islands of various sizes. Some of the major islands include Bjørøya, Lauvøya, Villa, Halmøya, and Kvernøya. Ellingråsa Lighthouse is located on the island of Bjørøya and Villa Lighthouse is on Villa. These islands all lie on the south side of the Folda firth. The Namsenfjorden forms part of the northern boundary of the municipality.


Villa Lighthouse from 1839, was the last lighthouse with a coal-fired flame to be built in Norway. The island of Villa has an interesting flora and is the last outpost before the ocean.


Utvorda was built during World War II and was the largest fortress on the Norwegian coast. We recommend you hire a guide for the visit. Utvorda features a very nice restaurant whose specialty is seafood.


Explore the coastline of Norway and enjoy one of Norway´s finest tourist roads, or simply find your paradise for relaxation and peace of mind. The Costal Route (Kysriksveien or Rv17) is an exciting 650 km long stretch of road between Steinkjer in the south and Bodø in the north.

Apart from the traditional campsites, you will find self catering accommodation like Cabins, Fisherman cabins, or seahouses in most places along the route. In most of the places boatrental is available.


Flatanger is a new proving ground for hard sport climbing, and it has been drawing elite climbers from around the world. The area´s Hanshelleren cave is set within a sprawling granite cathedral. Its dark interior opens like the giant mouth of a Norse god. The cave sports 260 feet of overhanging climbing capped by a 160-foot headwall. Flatanger has turned into one of Scandinavia´s premier crags.


Flatanger is one of Norways best climbing and sea kayaking spots. Explore the national parks by canoe. Join wildlife safaris on brown bear, elk and beaver. Let Terje Kolaas, the best birdguide in Norway show you the target species you dream of.


There are around 1,400 islands in the Flatanger archipelago. The area is ideal for fishing from land or small boats. We recommend a trip with a hired fishing boat to the rich ocean fishing grounds. Contact the tourist office for more information. These voyages also provide a chance to see the majestic sea eagle, of which there is a large population in Flatanger.

There are many types of activities available or you may want to just enjoy the beautiful countryside. Activities include: Lake or sea-fishing, archipelago cruises, diving, sea rafting, etc.