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354,9 km2

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Vestnes muncipality has approximately 6.600 inhabitants and covers a area of 354,9 km2. Vestnes, in the heart of Western Norway, is known for its beautiful surroundings, with open fjords and tree-covered slopes. It is an ideal place for an exciting and rewarding family holiday. It is also an excellent place to be stationed if you want to take day-trips to tourist-attractions like Trollstigen, Geiranger and Atlanterhavsvegen.

Vestnes is part of the traditional district of Romsdal. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Vestnes. Other villages in the municipality include Vikebukt, Vik, Øverås, Fiksdal, Tomrefjord and Tresfjord. The area is known for nature and outdoor pursuits, and has a long history in ship building and maritime crafts. The village of Vestnes (Helland) dates back to early medieval times, and has 24-hour ferry and water taxi service with the town of Molde to the northeast. The ferry takes about 35-minutes each way. Vestnes is a relatively good agricultural community with emphasis on livestock and milk production. Vestnes, however, is primarily a manufacturing district. The main industry is the ship-building industry with a number of different companies located in Vestnes. Other that shipbuilding, there are several companies in the food, textile and clothing, wood products, furniture, and metal products industries in Vestnes.

Høgsvora is a popular destination for skiers, starting from the transition between Vaksvika in Ørskog and Tresfjord in Vestnes. Høgsvora is 1164 meters and lies on the border between the municipal Ørskog and Vestnes.

To the east of Vestnes lies Gjermundnes Head, which in days gone by was a Viking settlement. Nowadays, the site is occupied by the county´s agricultural college. At the end of the fjord known as Tresfjord, in the little village of the same name, lies Tresfjord church, built in 1828. During the summer months there are guided tours both here and also at the local museum, a short distance from the church. The museum is a collection of old buildings and artefacts, both domestic and agricultural, which gives an excellent insight into former lifestyles in the area.

Vestnes is known for the many Icelandic horses. To go horseback-riding in the mountains is a great experience. Our forests and mountains are easily accessible both on foot and in some places, by car. For those who are looking for a challenge, a trip in the mountains will prove a rewarding experience. On the shores of the fjords you can find idyllic spots where you can swim or fish or simply take life easy. Take a boat trip out to one of the many good fishing grounds and feel the tug of the coalfish on your line!

If you come with your own boat, you will discover that Vestnes is ideally suited for boating and makes an excellent base town for longer trips to well known places such as Bjørnsund or Runde. Vestnes, as a council area, is centrally placed in the county of Møre and Romsdal. Its scenery is both beautiful and varied: a long shoreline borders fertile county villages which in their turn are watched over by mighty mountains whose lakes are teeming with trout and other fish.

Vestnes is well known for its long traditions in the boatbuilding industry. Boatbuilding is still an important part of daily life here and orders for new boats are regulary received from home and abroad. Agriculture, with emphasis on cattle and sheep, still retains a high profile in these parts.

In the little villages which make up "Vestnes Council Area", there are several choirs and instrumental groups, who carry on the long-established cultural traditions of the area. However, cultural activities are not limited to music alone ; there are countless small groups who are engaged in all aspects of culture - from art to sport, from homely handicrafts to theatre. Needless to say, all age groups are represented in these activities. Most of the services which you will need when you come to Vestnes, can be found at Helland.


Tomra or Tomrefjord is a village located just south of the village of Vik at the end of the Tomrefjorden. Tomrefjorden is 9-kilometre long fjord branches off of the main Romsdalsfjorden and it is one of the two big fjords that cut into the municipality. The Norwegian County Rv 661 follows the shoreline around most of the fjord and it passes through the villages of Fiksdal (on the western shore), Tomra (on the southern shore) and Vik (on the eastern shore). The village of Fiksdal lies 8 kilometres to the northwest. Businessman Bjørn Rune Gjelsten is from Tomrefjord, and footballer Kjetil Rekdal went to school there. Also situated in Tomrefjord is the shipyard VARD Langsten, which is the quintessential cornerstone of the community.


Tresfjord Museum was officially opened in 1949. They aimed at creating a yard consisting of houses and equipments to be found on a farm in the middle of the 19th century. All farms in the village were asked to make a contribution to the collection. There are six buildings on the museum, and you can go from building to building to see how everyday life was like for the people in Tresfjord at that time. The museum is open during the summer months, but only for a few hours each week.


Vestnes council has long traditions in boatbuilding. If you are interested in this part of our history, you may contact the Boatbuilding Museum. Unfortunately the museum does not have a specific building where you can go and have a look, but there is an exhibition at "Sjøbua". The tourist-information office is situated in the same building.


In the east of the council lies "Gjermundneset", an old viking settlement. This is a very beautiful area, and a natural place for the agricultural museum of Møre and Romsdal county to be situated. The museum has different exhibitions during the year. An agricultural college is also situated here.


The church in Tresfjord was built in 1828. This is the oldest church in Vestnes. It is a timber-building with eigth corners. The church is very nice decorated, and quite a bit of the interior is from the 17th century. The church-room bear resemblance to a temple as the ceeling is decorated with blue stars, and the room is supported by four pillars with a crown on top of each one. An antependium from the 14th century is one of the best kept in Norway.


Fiksdal church was built in 1866 and is a wooden church.


Vestnes church was built in timber in 1872.


Vike has a chapel that was built in 1970. This is a brick-building.


Vestnes is known for the many Icelandic horses. To go horseback-riding in the mountains is a great experience.


On the shores of the fjords you can find idyllic spots where you can swim or fish or simply take life easy. Take a boat trip out to one of the many good fishing grounds and feel the tug of the coalfish on your line!


Golfclubs in Møre and Romsdal.