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Hareid in Norway Hareid municipality coat of arms


82,5 km2

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Hareid muncipality has approximately 5.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 82,5 km2. Hareid muncipality is one of the half of the island Hareidlandet. The other half is Ulstein muncipality. Approximately 1.000 live in Hjørungavåg, 1,100 in Bigset, 300 in Brandal and 2.300 in Hareid. Being dependant on the sea for travelling and having a considerable part of the population making a living from fisheries; bad weather meant danger or a standstill in activity. Although this is not so much the case anymore, the weather still gets its share of attention. Most parts of the distance you may walk along the sea, passing numerous sandy beaches, but going by road also takes you close to the sea.

The three big lakes in the muncipality Hjørdalsvatnet, Snipsøyrvatnet and Grimstadvatnet. Two of the lakes (Hjørdalsvatnet, Grimstadvatnet) and part of the third is protected naturereservation for birds. At Grimstadvatnet it´s observed 250 species of nesting birds.


Sunnmøre is the southernmost traditional district of the western Norwegian. Its main city is Ålesund. Though it is one of the three traditional districts in Møre og Romsdal, Sunnmøre is home to more than half the population of the county. The district is made up of mainland as well as several large islands such as Gurskøy and Hareidlandet, plus many small islands.

There are many local newspapers throughout Sunnmøre, as well as one that aims to cover the entire region, published from Ålesund, called Sunnmørsposten.


It is a great pieature for us to welcome you to our "kingdom" - in the centre of Northern Europe´s fjord and alpine country. The region is spectacular, stretching from deep-blue fjords, via verdant valleys with emerald-green slopes way up to the highest wild peaks with their white glaciers. This is not just a picture, but reality, a landscape which you can become fond of.

Majestic peaks and a rugged alpine massif distinguish the Sunnmørs Alps from other mountain areas. Mountains plunge vertically into the fjord from a height of 1.500 - 1.600 metres and from the summit of Jakta at 1.588 metres, ther is a perpendicular fall of 1.821 metres to the bottom of the fjord. This will give you some idea of the enormous dimensions between the summits and the seabed below the waters of the fjords.


Storfjorden or Storfjord is a 110-kilometre long fjord in Sunnmøre. It stretches from the village of Hareid in the west to the villages of Tafjord and Geiranger in the east. The Storfjorden system branches off into several smaller fjords including the famous Geirangerfjorden and Tafjorden. At the village of Stranda, the main fjord branches off into the Sunnylvsfjorden - Geirangerfjorden to the west and the Norddalsfjorden - Tafjorden to the east.

The landscape around Storfjorden is typical for Western Norway. The mouth the fjord is surrounded by islands with mountains reaching 500 to 800 metres above sea level. Further to the east there are higher mountains. Most of the Storfjorden has characteristically steep or very steep shores, interrupted by several gentle valleys stretching up to 30 kilometres into the hinterland. In this way, the Storfjorden system is, along with the Nordfjorden, Sognefjorden, and Hardangerfjorden fjord-systems, the major samples of the typical west coast fjords highly praised by visitors.


Each Wednesday at 18:00 the local sailing boats gather to compete along a course varying from around Runde to something less. If you have experience with sailing you might get the chance to assist someone short of a hand.


The local diving club keeps a high level of activity. The waters are known to hide a large number of shipwrecks as well as provide an abundance of underwater seaweeds, plants and animals on top of extensive spear fishing opportunities.


Overåsanden close to the Nationalmonument in Hjørungavåg is one of the most popular beaches. Several hundred metres of white sandy beach.


Trying your luck with a fishing rod may reward you with a catch of the season mackerel, haddock, halibut, cod and more. Nordmøre may have Norway's best and most varied opportunities for anglers. You will find a sea rich in species and the supply is abundant; a coastline with shielded areas ideally suited for small boats; fjords with saltwater fish as well as freshwater fish on its way to or from the spawning sites up the rivers; some of Norway´s best rivers for angling for salmon or trout; ten thousand freshwater lakes, all clean and stocked with fish. The lakes are located from out on the islands to up in the mountains, as high as 1.500 - 2000 metres above sea level.