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Gjemnes in Norway Gjemnes municipality coat of arms


382,2 km2

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The lovely agricultural community of Gjemnes lies right between Molde and Kristiansund in Møre & Romsdal. Here where the fjords meet, the highway E-39 crosses over the imposing suspension and pontoon bridges of the Krifast road project. Gjemnes has rich tradtions of culture and handcrafts, and there are several small living villages, each with its own characteristic style, spread along the fjords and in the valleys and all the way up into the mountains. Gjemnes municipality has approximately 2.640 inhabitants and covers a area of 382,2 km2.

The largest community, Batnfjordsøra, is a service centre for the area and the main industries lie here as well as in Torvikbukt and Angvik. One of the region's largest dairies lies at Høgset. The fjord basin is known to be rich in fish, and is therefore a popular vaction area.


The most popular regional leisure destination during both summer and winter. Marked, easy walking paths, more demanding hikes, orienteering, canoe paddling, cycling, fishing, children´s playground and outdoor swimming pool. At Skaret tourist centre (on the road RV64) you can hire roeing boats, canoes and fishing tackle.


Nordmøre may have Norway's best and most varied opportunities for anglers. You will find a sea rich in species and the supply is abundant; a coastline with shielded areas ideally suited for small boats; fjords with saltwater fish as well as freshwater fish on its way to or from the spawning sites up the rivers; some of Norway´s best rivers for angling for salmon or trout; ten thousand freshwater lakes, all clean and stocked with fish. The lakes are located from out on the islands to up in the mountains, as high as 1.500 - 2000 metres above sea level.