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Stordal in Norway Stordal municipality coat of arms


247,2 km2

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Stordal muncipality has approximately 1.050 inhabitants and covers a area of 247,2 km2 and one of the smallest municipalities in Møre and Romsdal. The main tourist route through the inner areas of Sunnmøre and the coast is National Highway 650, which runs through Stordal. In addition to the valley of Stordal itself, the municipality also comprises the idyllic little community of Dyrkorn and several mountain farms on the west side of the Storfjord.

The people of Stordal make their livelihood principally from farming and industry. The five large furniture factories around which the community centres are major representatives of the furniture industry for which Sunnmøre is famous.

Stordal has wide expanses of beautiful countryside offering opportunities for walking in summer and skiing in winter. In the mountains around Stordal you will find marked trails of varying lengths and demanding varying degrees of experience and fitness. The scenery is often dramatic, and full of variety, ranging from the steep hillsides of lower-lying parts of Stordal to the flat valley floors and high peaks of the region around Langsætrane, where Ålesund and Sunnmøre Touring Association have a tourist cabin "Fokhaugstova".

Pay a visit to the Rose Church and "Løsetstova", and "Ytste Skotet" - the old fjord farm; try your hand at the excellent salmon and fjord fishing, or other summer and winter outdoor activities.


The restored mountain farm of "Ytste-Skotet" lies high above the fjord directly above Dyrkorn, and may be reached by hired boat across the fjord. If you really want to experience what life was like here in the olden days, you can reserve an overnight bed in the farmhouse which dates from the 1870s.


Stordal´s 210-year-old church is also known as "The Rose Church", owing to the wealth of painted floral decorations and wood carvings inside. Although it may not seem so impressive from the outside, Stordal Old Church is well worth a visit. Guided tours are conducted throughout the summer. Please contact the guides at "The Old Vicage" (Prestestova), which is part of the parish museum, just by the church.


Sunnmøre is the southernmost traditional district of the western Norwegian. Its main city is Ålesund. Though it is one of the three traditional districts in Møre og Romsdal, Sunnmøre is home to more than half the population of the county. The district is made up of mainland as well as several large islands such as Gurskøy and Hareidlandet, plus many small islands.

There are many local newspapers throughout Sunnmøre, as well as one that aims to cover the entire region, published from Ålesund, called Sunnmørsposten.


It is a great pieature for us to welcome you to our "kingdom" - in the centre of Northern Europe´s fjord and alpine country. The region is spectacular, stretching from deep-blue fjords, via verdant valleys with emerald-green slopes way up to the highest wild peaks with their white glaciers. This is not just a picture, but reality, a landscape which you can become fond of.

Majestic peaks and a rugged alpine massif distinguish the Sunnmørs Alps from other mountain areas. Mountains plunge vertically into the fjord from a height of 1.500 - 1.600 metres and from the summit of Jakta at 1.588 metres, ther is a perpendicular fall of 1.821 metres to the bottom of the fjord. This will give you some idea of the enormous dimensions between the summits and the seabed below the waters of the fjords.


Rowing boats may be hired for use on the fjord from the marina at Stordal Camping. A fishing trip on the Stordalsvika cove or a visit to one of the old, deserted fjordside or mountain farms around Stordal are particularly recommended.


Close to Langsætrane - on the Overøye farm about 15 km from Stordal centre - you will find a modern alpine skiing centre which offers stable snow conditions throughout the winter. Stordal Alpinsenter has excellent slopes to suit everyone from the smallest child to the most experienced skier, whether your preference is for slalom or Telemark-style. Overøye is also a popular area among hanggliding and paragliding enthusiasts.


Stordal offers good and varied angling in river, mountain lake and fjord. If you'd like to try your luck at salmon fishing in the Stordal river, a fishing licence may be obtained from Stordal Camping or from individual landowners. In the many mountain lakes and small rivers, there are plenty of small trout to be caught.