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Nedre Eiker

Nedre Eiker in Norway Nedre Eiker municipality coat of arms


121,7 km2

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From January 1, 2020, Nedre Eiker joined the new Drammen municipality, together with Drammen and Svelvik in Viken County. Nedre Eiker municipality has approximately 23.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 121,7 km2 in Buskerud. Mjøndalen is the administrative centre and the biggest town of Nedre Eiker municipality. The municipality is divided by the Drammenselva river. Bewitching, conifer forests with beautiful, quiet tarns contain the largest selection of orchids in Norway, as much as 24 different varieties. On the southside lies Steinberg, Mjøndalen with Åsen and Ytterkollen. Åsen is a residential area with possibilities for Golf and bathing at Hagatjern. On the northside lies Krokstadelva and Solbergelva. In Krokstadelva lies two big shopping malls called Buskerud Storsenter and Krokstad Senter. Up in the mountain side lies the residential areas Hovjordet, Langløkka and Stenseth.

The Drammenselva river flows through the municipality of Nedre Eiker. It is one of the largest rivers in Norway, with a course running from Tyrifjorden in the north to Drammesfjord in the south. Nedre Eiker have two churches, Nedre Eiker church and Mjøndalen church.


Mjøndalen is the administrative centre and is situated south of the Drammenselva River opposite of Krokstadelva. Historically Mjøndalen was known for its industry. All the industrial sites closed in the late 1960s. Mjøndalen has a friendly sports rivalry with the neighbouring communities of Solbergelva and Krokstadelva. The rivalry is mostly in sports such as soccer and bandy and cross-country skiing. In bandy, Mjøndalen IF have become Norwegian champions several times. The poet Herman Wildenvey lived the first three years of his life in Mjøndalen. At three years of age, he was moved to the Portåsen farm on the edge of the forest above the village.


The poet Herman Wildenvey lived the first three years of his life in Mjøndalen. Herman Wildenvey was born 20th July 1885 and died 27th September 1959. At three years of age, he was moved to the Portåsen farm on the edge of the forest above the village. Today Portåsen is a meeting place and venue for local, regional and national artists. The site includes a newly renovated farmhouse and farm buildings. Stiftelsen Portåsen is the organization which works on the development of Portåsen. Herman Wildenvey was married to Gisken, born Andreassen, in February 1912. The couple settled in the coastal town of Stavern in 1923 and this was their home for the rest of their lives.

In 1955 Herman Wildenvey was honoured with the "Order of Saint Olav" in merit of his writing. This was the last order handed by the late King Haakon 7, before he became ill and died the same year. This is the highest order any Norwegian can receive and only a few does. You can follow marked quiet forest trails leading through the childhood paradise of Herman Wildenvey, and find old air drop areas from the war or explor ancient mining galleries. Herman Wildenvey spent many years of his life in, and to day seminars about this well loved poet, as well as poetry readings, are arranged.


Public beach. Popular for bathing, easily reached. One of Mjøndalen´s most popular outdoors areas, with excellent sandy beach and good parking. Please observe general principles and rules for use of outdoors areas. No camping permitted.


Validus is Norway´s largest firm providing products for overall health, beauty and wellness. At the same time, Validus are in charge of duty-free sales at Norway´s largest airports. Validus are proud of having our headquarters located in Mjøndalen. To honor of this fact, the street running past our offices is called "Orkidehøgda" which means "Orchid Heights" in Norwegian.


Nedre Eiker is the primary orchid growing municipality, twenty-four of thirty-seven registered orchid species are found here.


Solbergelva lies north of the Drammenselva River, west of Drammen. Solberg SK is one of the leading bandy teams in Norway. The history of Solbergelva is closely linked to the company Solberg Spinderi, which for many years employed a substantial part of the local workforce.


"Solbergstoffer" a well known name for the norwegian household, was made by Solberg Spinderi. Solberg Spinderi was established by Hans Nilsen Hauge early 1800, is now a populaer residential area.


Krokstadelva is situated north of the Drammenselva River. Today much of this industry has been phased out, and the local commerce has been given a boost in the two large shopping malls located close to the town and 15 min. from Drammen. Buskerud Storsenter and Krokstad Senter. The two shopping malls are both owned by Citycon, and have a combined capacity of about 70 stores and 1800 parking spaces.

Krokstadelva features a combined sports hall and public indoor swimming pool, situated next to Eknes school. The local sports association is IF Birkebeineren (IBK) which primarily focuses on soccer, crosscountry skiing, gymnastics and tennis.


The traditional name Viking is now at the company Trellborg Viking, which is the leading company in the world making technical rubber for the offshore industry.


The Drammen river runs through Mjøndalen, it is considered one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. A fishing licence may be bought. A salmon festival is organized every year in the beginning of August.

Fishing possibilities are good in Drammesfjorden.


Eiker Golfclub have 9 holes. The course is located at Vikåsen in Mjøndalen.