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Krødsherad in Norway Krødsherad municipality coat of arms


374,6 km2

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Krødsherad muncipality has approximately 2.200 inhabitants and covers a area of 374,6 km2 in Buskerud. Norefjell, the high mountain not only a winter resort, offers many attractions for young and old. The 1952 Olympic Winter Games opened up this modern alpine resort boasting 11 skilifts and 24 km of downhill runs, from easy to tough ones, with a max. elevation difference of 1.010 metres. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Noresund. The district lies on the Krøderfjord in Hallingdal, and borders on the municipalities of Ringerike, Flå, Sigdal and Modum. The municipality lies only 10 old Norwegian miles from Oslo. Settlement is scattered, with some concentration around the municipality's two principal centers, Noresund situated on the east side of Lake Krøderen and Krøderen at the southern end of Lake Krøderen.

Agriculture is the primary industry with most agricultural land arable and mostly used for grain cultivation. The forestry industry also has historically been important. With the shoreline at Krøderen and the high mountains at Norefjell, the municipality enjoys a spectrum of natural environments from lake to mountain. As a result there are many vacation homes in the municipality and tourism, especially winter sports in the Norefjell area, is an important contribution element in the economy.

Villa Fridheim, the distinctive architectural style of which makes it look like a fairytale castle, looms up over the end of the Krøderfjord. Inside the villa there are a number of beautiful fairytale tableaux and fairytale decorations. A fairytale adventure route has been laid out in the grounds. But also the old Ringnes farm, and the old Olberg gård. You can see the tree "Old Master", the poet priest and collector of folk tales Jørgen Moe, was sitting under. Krøderbanen is Norway´s longest stretch of "museum" railway line, which conjures up the atmosphere of stations and trains in the days of our great-grandparents. Various theme days are organised each summer, such as Good Old Days, Navvies Day, Train Robbery (Togran) and Children´s Day.


The theme manor on Bjørøya, in the middle of the Krøderfjord. Villa Fridheim, a manor house which houses a folk museum, is one of Norway´s largest timber buildings. The style is representative of romantic nationalism. The building was erected in 1890-92 as the country house of Drammen based timber merchant Svend Haug and his wife Thea Haug. The architect was Herman Major Backer (1856-1932), whose other commissions included old Skaugum and St John´s Church, Bergen. The building functioned as a hotel and boarding house between 1914-60. The building was restored and opened as a folktale museum in the summer of 1986. In 1996 the museum opened a section dedicated to the great collectors of Norwegian fairy tales, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe and to noted illustrators Theodor Kittelsen and Christian Skredsvig.

A beautiful location in some of Norway´s countryside most typical of its cultural heritage. One of the country´s largest and most special timberbuildings. A folktale museum since 1986. Exhibitions each summer with themes taken from folktales, both national and international. A place of cultural and magical experiences. Art exhibitions, paintings and tableaux of famous folk tales, handicrafts and play room for children.


The railway museum line streches 26 km from Vikersund to Krøderen Railroad Station. The steam train with wooden carriages operates Sundays in July and August. Throughout the summer there are several special arrangements; the Sundays in July we offer Western show in Deadwood city, corresponding with the train from Vikersund, on the Sundays in August it is possible to combine the train trip from Vikersund 12.20 with a boat trip with M/S "Kryllingen" to visit the fairytale castle Villa Fridheim. Charter tours can be booked from May to October.


Krøderbanen Museum (Museet Krøderbanen) is a railroad museum headquartered in the former Krøderen Railroad Station at Krøderen. Krøderbanen was opened in 1872 as a narrow gauge line. It was converted to standard gauge in connection with the Bergen Railway opening in 1909 and remained in operation until 1985. Both rolling stock and fixed installations along the line is kept in running condition. Krøderbanen is also a center for the restoration and maintenance of railway equipment.


Norefjell Ski Resort was host to the downhill and giant slalom competitions of the 1952 Winter Olympics. Norefjell is only a 90-minute drive away from Oslo, making the ski resort the closest high mountain area to the Norwegian capital.


Norefjell is one of the most dominating mountains in Southern-Norway, and is considered as the "real" mountain closes to Oslo. The terrain is hilly, with Høgevarde as the highest point at an altitude of 1.459 metres. Norefjell ski resort is located south of Høgevarde, with 11 ski lifts providing access to 20 groomed runs, for a total of 23 km of slopes with a drop of 1.010 metres. In the event of large snowfalls, early risers can enjoy unprepared "powder" on the slopes. Norefjell´s snowboard area features a big jump and many other features.


Noresund is perhaps best known for with association with the Krødsherad Rectory Natural Monument (Krødsherad prestegård naturminne). This is the site of the oak tree known as The Old Master. This tree was made famous by the poetry of clergyman and poet Jørgen Moe. In 1853 Moe became a resident chaplain in Sigdal and Krødsherad, a position he held for ten years. At Noresund he found inspiration for one of his most famous poems, "The Old Master" (den gamle Mester). Jørgen Moe, the poet priest and collector of folk tales, grew up at the Mo farm at Ringerike. The famous tree which Jørgen Moe wrote his poetry is located in Krødern.


Ringnes Gård is one of Norway´s oldest ancestral farms, belonging to the same family for more than 600 years. When you step out on the gangway by the park, in front of the white main building, you can sense the elegant history of this place. Authentic living rooms and salons invite to serenity and enjoyment in luxurious surroundings. With its intimate kitchen and open fireplace, where the guests can watch the chef cooking.

Ringnes gives you manor house feeling, while maintaining personal warmth. A property with the name Ringnes will naturally have high quality beer ( Ringnes is now Norway´s largest brewery company ). Christian Ringnes is the son of Christian Ringnes senior and grandson of businessman and art collector Ellefsdatter Ringnes, who along with his brother Amund started Ringnes Brewery in 1877.


Sightseeing boat on the lake Krøderfjorden, in regular service every Wednesday in July from Sole Hotel, every Sunday in August from Krøderen station to Villa Fridheim. Pre-booked charter trips for groups.


Dynge Gard at Rundskogen offers short rides at the farm as well as week-long horseback tours in the mountain. We also invite you to visit a farm where you can enjoy and study the animals.


Relax amid the beauty of mountain lakes and fjord. Krødsherads hilly woodlands and river valley are readily accessible for leisurely visits and challenging sports activities.


Norefjell Golfclub offers 18 holes. The driving range is open every weekday from 17.00 - 21.00.