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Flesberg in Norway Flesberg municipality coat of arms


561,9 km2

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Flesberg muncipality has approximately 2.700 inhabitants and covers a area of 561,9 km2 in Buskerud. Flesberg, at the entrance to Numedal, probably features the largest collection of medieval buildings in Norway. We could for instants show you Dåset, Flesberg Bygdetun (open air museum), featuring buildings from the 17th - 19th century, with "Dåset-days" organized in summer for the whole family.


The river Numedalslågen is Norway’s second longest river. From the western part of Hardangervidda – the highest mountain plateau in Europe – the river runs through the Numedalen valley to the town of Larvik. The lower part of the valley is called Lågendalen. In the upper regions there are a number of hydroelectric power plants. Downstream from Hvittingfoss, however, the river runs wild, constantly changing from quiet parts to rapids and waterfalls, through the natural and cultural landscape. This is the salmon-bearing stretch of the river.


Flesberg offers beautiful scenery with the river Numedalslågen and the Blefjell mountain. Here you may pursue your hobbies of fishing, canoeing or hiking. Three fine churches are well worth visiting and so are the Vinoren Silver Mines.


The stave church was rebuilt into cruciform in 1735, but had obviously undergone restorations and replacements many times before this. Of the original construction, only parts of the nave exists today. The church is a triple nave stave basilica.

The Stave Churches are constructions of high quality, richly decorated with carvings. In virtually all of them the door frames are decorated from top to bottom with carvings. This tradition of rich ornamentation appears to go back to the animal carvings of the Viking age. The dragons are lovingly executed and transformed into long-limbed creatures of fantasy, here and there entwined with tendrils of vine, with winding stems and serrated leaves. The elaborate designs are executed with supreme artistic skill. The stave church doorways are, therefore, among the most distinctive works of art to be found in Norway. However, it is difficult to connect them with the Christian gospel.


A rich variety of activities are available, including good trout fishing in rivers and lakes.


Golfclubs in Buskerud.