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Ullensaker in Norway Ullensaker municipality coat of arms


252,5 km2

Ullensaker Local Directory

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Ullensaker municipality has approximately 26.950 inhabitants and covers a area of 252,5 km2. Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Ullensaker. Jessheim is the regional center in Ullensaker. The most important motorways and main roads to and from the whole of Norway go through Akershus. Travelers by train, coach, car and boat to and from the area around Oslo have to pass through Akershus. There is a very good public transport system carrying large numbers of passengers between Akershus and the surrounding area daily, facilitating travel around the county.

This provides an alternative to the big city, whether it's for just an afternoon trip or a longer stay. You can get to all parts of Akershus within one hour from the centre of Oslo. Norway´s Oslo Airport one of the most modern airports in Europe lies in the muncipality. The main attractions are Oslo Airport, The Armed Forces aircraft collection, Raknehaugen, Rise bridge, Romerike conservation area, Trandum forest, Ullensaker Rural collection, Hovin Church and Ullensaker Church.


Oslo Airport is Norway´s main airport. The airport serviced 23 million passengers in 2013. Oslo Airport has been named Europe´s most punctual airport four times by the AEA. Oslo Airport lies approximately 47 kilometres north of Oslo and approximately 1 hours drive by car from Oslo.

At Oslo Airport you will find a wide range of shops, restaurants and cafés and travel-related services, everything you need to make departures and arrivals as pleasant as possible. In the shops you can purchase a souvenir to have with you home from Oslo or make necessary purchases for your much longed-for holiday. You can dine at the cafes and restaurants before boarding or buy food that you can enjoy on the plane. There are plenty of opportunities to do banking or change your ticket at the airport. These are just some of the examples. Your convenience and comfort matter to us and we hope you will have a pleasant experience. Opening hours may vary, but the duty-free shops is open 24 hours.


Jessheim is a center for commerce and regional service functions at Øvre Romerike. The area also has some industry such as a concrete factory that utilizes the sand and gravel resources in the area as well as a wood products manufacturer. Jessheim Storsenter located in the center of town is the largest shopping center. Jessheim is also home to Ullensaker Kulturhus which is a cultural center with a library and cinema. Jessheim is also an educational center with Jessheim Videregående Skole og Romerike Folkehøgskole. Jessheim is also home to the local office for the regional newspaper Romerikes Blad.

Jessheim Station is located on the main track of Norway´s first railroad, completed in 1854, and formed the foundation for the later town. From Gardermoen station there is trains north to Eidsvoll, Hamar and Trondheim as well. The E6 highway runs past on the west side of the town, and is currently being rebuilt to a motorway to the north as well. Distance to Oslo is 41 km along this road, distance along the railroad is 45 km. Jessheim is also an important crossroad between Riksvei 35 westward to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen and Hønefoss, Riksvei 174 to Nannestad and Hurdal, and eastward to Kongsvinger (Rv 2).


The Armed Forces' aircraft collection located at Gardermoen provides a unique insight into Norwegian military aviation in times of both peace and war. The collection is located in a beautiful prize-winning building and contains irreplaceable treasures from the pioneering days of aviation, as well as several rare aircraft types from World War II. You will also find examples of all of the Royal Norwegian Air Force jet fighters which were used during the cold war. There is also a modern auditorium and a substantial library as well as a cafeteria.


Augustus Hilton, the father of Conrad Hilton, was born on the Hilton farm at Kløfta. Augustus emigrated to USA in 1865. In 1946 Conrad Hilton started the famous hotelchain Hilton Hotels Corporation. Rick Hilton is now running Hilton Hotels and he is the father to Paris Hilton and her little sister Nicky.


Miklagard Golfclub is a golf course with 18 holes and a variation of difficulties. This breathtaking 6,707 meter championship golf course is set in a beautiful farming landscape, its grasses burnished with northern summer sun and glistening in the champagne snow of winter. This is a big, brash course, as impressive as its Norwegian Viking history. It takes fierce, strong men to match its hilly terrain and beautiful Nordic ladies to charm its lake lined and flower laden spring. We are proud to welcome Miklagard into our worldwide family of golf courses. The course lies about 20 minutes North of Oslo, close to the Airport.

Ullensaker Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties.