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Ski in Norway Ski municipality coat of arms


165,5 km2

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Ski muncipality has approximately 29.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 165,5 km2. Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Ski. Ski is located southeast of Oslo and the administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Ski. Ski Sentrum surrounding Ski railway station and the suburban/rural villages of Kråkstad, Langhus, and Siggerud. Ski is the trade and commercial centre of the Follo region. The centre is dominated by a large Shopping centre containing shops, cafés, and a cinema complex.

The shopping centre was built in 1995, replacing some of the oldest buildings of Ski centre. Outside of the centre, Ski is largely an area of forestry and agriculture. Ski can be described as an exurb of Oslo. The muncipality´s highest mountain is Tømmerås (312 metres). The main attractions is a culturmonument "Waldemar Høy".

Ski, as most of Follo, lies on ancient rock foundations. Throughout the local area from east to west there is a moraine left from the Ice age. Stone age tools are still being found when fields are ploughed, and Ski has more than 300 registered ancient historical artifacts. Remains from the Iron age can also be seen here. In Kråkstad and Ski are two stone churches from medieval times.


Siggerud is a village, just a few kilometres away from the border of the municipality of Oslo where most of the population work. Siggerud is a small place, but has recently hosted a number of celebrities, some of which are known outside Norway. The most famous is probably Lasse Kjus who won the alpine World Cup twice. Other celebrities from Siggerud include Christian Ingebrigtsen, who used to be in the boy band A1, Trude Mostue, well known in the UK as "Trude the Vet", TV host, actor and journalist, Christian Strand, (adoptive son of political editor in the newspaper Dagsavisen, Arne Strand), plus various local celebrities, amongs other people including Christian´s dad Stein Ingebrigtsen.


Langhus is a village witch includes the local areas of Bøleråsen, Vevelstad and Langhus. The village is stretched along the Østfold railway line, which runs between Oslo S and Ski and includes Langhus and Vevelstad railway stations. The distance between Langhus and Vevelstad stations is the shortest between any two stations in in Norway. The commercial centre of Langhus is known as Langhussenteret. A gas station is located north of Langhussenteret. The local church built on the higher ground above Langhus senteret was opened in 1990.


Kråkstad village have a train station on Indre Østfoldbanen. The Norwegian footballer Martin Andresen grew up in this village. There are some remains of an old hillfort in the forest above Vientjern lake, a few kilometers outside Kråkstad.


The most important motorways and main roads to and from the whole of Norway go through Akershus. Travelers by train, coach, car and boat to and from the area around Oslo have to pass through Akershus. There is a very good public transport system carrying large numbers of passengers between Akershus and the surrounding area daily, facilitating travel around the county. This provides an alternative to the big city, whether it's for just an afternoon trip or a longer stay. You can get to all parts of Akershus within one hour from the centre of Oslo. The most modern airport in Europe lies in Akershus Oslo Airport.


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Krokhol Golfclub is a golf course with 18 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies close to Krokholmarka.

Ski Golfclub have 9 holes.

Follo Golfclub is under construction.