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Panorama picture from Sandefjord Municipality in Norway


You may in fact not believe this, but the first steam boat ever built in Norway, one of the greatest sea nations in the entire world, was actually built in Hønefoss Town and launched on the river just beneath the waterfall. An anchor placed outside the City Hall commemorate this event, which we find quite amusing. I doubt though, that the average commoner in town even knows it.

Anyway, this event took place in 1836 and the small ship was primarily made to be a towboat on Lake Tyri, towing lumber across the lake and occationally goods up and down the river. Its name was Kong Ring, but it soon proved to weak and so a new and more powerful steam boat was made to replace it. This was constructed on the shores of Lake Rand however, and they had to moved it across Eggemoen to Hønefoss by hand power. A distance of more than 10 kilometers on poor and narrow sandy roads. The ship was given the name Kong Halvdan.