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Panorama picture from Holmestrand Municipality in Norway


In the summer, Holmestrand is a great place to be. It is then, that the small and charming town shows it's best sides. During a few short summer months, the small town "look" is made more alive through holliday guests and travellers. In the summer the harbour area is the centre. Here, you can enjoy fresh boiled prawns, have a small meal outdoors and have a cool drink.

From the quay, you view all the boatlife. Close to 1000 small boats have their regular places here. You will also find a unique and rewarded guest-harbour here. The islands in the Holmestrand fjord offers excellent recreation possibilities. Also here it all comes together for the boatpeople. The nature, clean water, swimming-possibilities and peace makes these islands special.

Nice places for a swim are also located to the north "Dulpen" and the south "Hagemann" of the town. "Sandsletta" by Sand Camping is also recommended. Downtown Holmestrand is actually devided in two. One part with old residential houses made of wood and a modern part with office buildings. E 18 (Highway 18) used to run through the centre of Holmestrand. Today it runs a few kilometres away and Holmestrand has been "born again". E-18 has today a speedlimit on 100 km an hour as the first road in Norway. The street shopping is blooming. The quay is essential in the new environment. We dare saying that Holmestrand has the most pretty quay area in Vestfold.