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Panorama picture from Farsund Municipality in Norway


The coast outside the town of Farsund with its hundreds of islands is a favourite summer holiday region. It combines beautiful scenery with plentiful amenties for all kinds of boating, and yet is near the town itself with restaurants and other facilities.

The island of Engøy is the nearest to the town centre, and was joined to the mainland by a causeway in 1995. It is famous for det stories about there witches who were burnt at the stake in the 1600s.

Katland lighthouse on an island in the main sea channel into Farsund started up in 1872 with a keeper and his family living on the island until 1947. The light is now operated automatically using sun cells. The island of Vikholmen is also known as «Madagaskar» having been given to a Mission by a private owner. An old Meeting House has been built on the island and is still used occasionally.

The island of Ullerøy is associated with a dramatic event from the Norwegian Resistance in 1941, when a Norwegian agent was landed here from a British submarine.