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Panorama picture from Meldal Municipality in Norway


Orkla is known to be one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. There are many good catch reports over the last years. Salmon fishing in Orkla is an experience for life. In the river Orkla you may find so called open streams offered to a cheap price, and also more expensive and exclusive streams. You can fish in a stream called The cat's stream and The Rock stream. The stream is situated in Meldal parish, between Å and Meldal community centre. The stream is actually two different sites, each at approximately 400 metres in length. Both of them with conditions for many types of fishing.

Because of the dangerous salmon disease Gyrodactylus Salaris it is required for any fisherman in Orkla to desinfect all fishing gear before fishing starts. You may desinfect your gear on these sites: (the process is sertificated by veterinarian).


The Orkla River is by everyone visiting this "big-salmon-river" amazed how easy accessible and easy to fish she is. The total salmon run is for about 60 km (40 miles) from the Tosetfoss at Rennebu to the river mouth at the town of Orkanger. The Norwegian fly fishing fraternity regards the Orkla as "the Norwegian Flyfishing River" and the Orkla has probably more experienced fly-fishers per mile than any other Norwegian river.

The fishing conditions throughout the whole river are excellent and there are a stable run of big salmon during the season from early June to late August. In addition the river has a satisfactory grilse run as well. The Orkla is the southernmost river we are offering in Central Norway and we are very pleased to be able to represent some excellent beats in this river.

A quite remarkable feature about the Orkla is that she is one of the few Norwegian rivers that have benefited from hydro power regulations and in fact so much that the Orkla has increased the catches of salmon during the last decade. An added benefit is that it has provided a better quality fishing on the upper parts of the river and a more stable run throughout the season.

The Orkla has been known as a big-salmon-river since the 1880s when English noblemen discovered the river and her features. The fishing stretches are variable with waterfalls, white water areas, deep holding pools as well as magnificent steady current making the fly move tempting across the current.