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Panorama picture from Lund Municipality in Norway


Moi is the administrative and commercial centre of the municipality, where the major industry is located. Lund is served by an exceptionally good communications network since both the E-18 and the Southland railway cut right through it. For travelling further, Moi is only one and a quarter hour's drive to Sola airport, or about 45 minutes to the ferry stop at Egersund.

Lund's varied landscape, with extensive open spaces, lakes and rivers, provides a good bases for outdoor activities in summer and winter. Several mountain lakes have been seeded in recent years and now offer fine fishing. The municipality's inhabitants also enjoy a wide scope of recreational activities through sports and music clubs, religious groups and a number of other organizations.

Lund township/municipality has well-developed social services in most areas. Nursery schools are about sufficient to meet the demand and most schools have, or will soon have, new buildings. Health and welfare services provide all the usual services, in a local environment that have few serious social problems. Care of the elderly is particularly good. The short distance to Flekkefjord hospital is reassuring in case of illness or childbirth.