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Panorama picture from Oslo Municipality in Norway


Already in ancient Greek theatre the audience had their own room. The Grand Foyer at the National Theatre is among the most beautiful in Oslo. "Its equal can't be found outside the Royal Palace", said a former National Antiquarian.

The ceiling was painted by Christian Skredsvig and the three separate motifs are called Morning, Daytime and Evening. This is a most unusual style of painting for Skredsvig, as he was known for natural and romantic motifs in particular. One day when Skredsvig was working on the ceiling the artistic manager, Bjørn Bjørnson, entered the room accompanied by the architect, Henrik Bull. They were not pleased with what they saw and wanted no more of that saccharine painting. That is why some green oval spaces still remain empty.

Admission to the Grand Foyer used to be strictly reserved for those with seats in the Stalls and in the Dress Circle. Those with cheap tickets in the Upper Circle did not at that time have any physical access to these areas.