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Panorama picture from Oslo Municipality in Norway


Steeped in tradition. Holmenkollen, the world-famous skijump above Oslo. At Holmenkollen, an elevator takes visitors up the jump tower for a view of Oslo and the fjord. Nearly all visitors want to see Holmenkollen, a wooded range of hills northwest of the city rising to about 1,740 feet. You can reach it in 35 minutes by electric train from the city center.

At the base of the ski jump, the Ski Museum (Skimuseet) displays a wide range of exhibits. They include a 4,000-year-old pictogram "The Skier" from Røøya, which documents skiing's thousand-year history. The oldest ski in the museum dates from around A.D. 600. The museum has exhibits on Nansen's and Amundsen's polar expeditions, plus skis and historical items from various parts of Norway, including the first modern skis from about 1870.

Holmenkollen is a unique area for activities year-round. Already at the end of the 1800s it was a recreation area for the city’s populace. Skiforeningen, the Association for the Promotion of Skiing, prepares ski trails and bike trails in and maps of the Nordmarka nature park. At Øvresetertjern there is a unique area for ski games and learning to ski. Here you will find ski schools Holmenkollen Oslo Ski and snowboard School and Skiforeningen for alpine and telemark styles, snowboarding, ski games and ski-jumping!

Tryvann Skisenter is the city’s alpine facility, and Wyllerløypa is the alpine facility located in from Sørkedalen. In the summer, hiking, fishing, cycling and canoeing are popular activities. Skiservice, Holmenkollen Oslo Ski & Snowboardskole and Tryvann Skiskole offer activities and events for groups year-round. Tryvann Skisenter is located at the top of Holmenkollen, 15 minutes from the centre of Oslo. Tryvann Skisenter have 7 slopes and 6 lifts: everything from children’s and beginner’s slopes to a snowboarding area and challenging expert slopes that meet international competitive standards. An extensive system of snowmaking machines and an altitude of 500 metres above sea level give us enough snow to operate from the beginning of December to April.

Frognerseteren has always been something special to both the citizens of Oslo and visitors from afar. A dynamic new management team has now taken on the task of restoring "Setra", as it is affectionately called to its bygone greatness.