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Panorama picture from Vågå Municipality in Norway


This is how Henrik Ibsen described Peer Gynt's reindeer-back ride over Gjendineggen Ridge, which is today known as Besseggen. Over 30 000 people walk the route between Gjendesheim and Memurubu during three months in the summer part of the year. The walk takes about six hours, with its highest point at 1743 metres above sea level. Besseggen itself is a part of this walk. The sharp mountain ridge cuts its way west towards Bandet, a flat plateau between Gjende and Bessvatnet lake. You will go past the water's edge at Bessvatnet lake, whilst Gjende, which is 984 metres above sea level, is 400 metres below on the opposite side!

Another phenomenon that we will draw your attention to here is that Bessvatnet lake is crystal clear and blue in colour whilst Gjende shines through with its characteristic emerald-green glacial colour. The reason for this is Memuru, the river which brings large quantities of earth, clay and stone from the glacier in to the lake.