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Panorama picture from Gjøvik Municipality in Norway


Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Gjøvik. Casper Kauffeldt founder of the town Gjøvik by National conscription officer Alf Mjøen. The city is sited in east Norway by Mjøsa. Mjøsa is Norways biggest lake. Approximately 100 km long and almost 500 metres deep. The lake starts at Lillehammer in north, and ends with Minnesund in the south. Gjøvik Olympic Mountain Hall is the world's largest underground auditorium. Top-class hockey arena. Hosts arrangements and activities as cultural evetns, trade fairs, exhibitions and sport events.

Along Lake Mjøsa is a foot- and bicyclepath that can take you both to the south and the north in Gjøvik? The path is build solely on rocks from the Gjøvik Olympic Cavern Hall. It it therefore an eldorado for collectors of rocks and hobby geologists. The promenade takes you though 5-6 km of green spaces, playingfields, piers, places where you can go for a swim and you will find picnik tabels along the path.