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Panorama picture from Vefsn Municipality in Norway


Kjemsåsen Alpine Centre is located about 8 km east of Mosjøen. The alpine centre have facilities for downhill skiing, snowboarding, etc.. The alpine centre have one main lift, 900 meters long, and one top lift 450 meters long with several slopes, both for experts and beginners, a snowboard / ski park with rails and jumps, and a childrens lift specially suited for beginners.

The alpine centre is located from 280 to 550 meter above sea level. We have natural snow, normally the season is lasting from Christmas to Easter. Don't be fooled by the conditions in Mosjøen city. When it rains in the city, it can be snowing in Kjemsåsen.

The alpine centre are owned and runned by Mosjøen Slalåmklubb, a local alpine skiing sports club, open for everyone. The alpine centre are runned on a non-profit basis with a lot of help from many volunteers.