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Panorama picture from Røst Municipality in Norway


You can drive by car to most of the islands. Two exceptions are Værøy and Røst. Å is the end of the road. From here you can stare out over the ocean. Værøy resembles a volcano rising from the sea. Tens of thousands of birds nest here. Further out, you may catch a glance of Røst, which actually consists of hundreds of islands. Røst has a famous bird rock where eagles roost and you find one of the world's largest nesting colonies of puffin.

People have settled on some of the flat windswept islands that rise no more than 12 metres above the sea. At this highest point stands the Youth Hostel. Røst is the wind's kingdom. Parents fear for small school children when the wind is at its worst. But the weather is excellent for producing the best stock fish in the world. Italian housewives insist on dried cod from Røst when they make their baccalao.