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Panorama picture from Narvik Municipality in Norway


Industry in Narvik has for decades been an example of co-operation breaking down borders. Ore from Kiruna in Sweden is freighted by rail through Norway to Narvik, the Country's largest port in terms of tonnage handled. The latest oil finds on the shelf off Nordland have provided the region with a new resource to build on.

Narvik harbour, despite being so far north, is free of ice all year round thanks to the Gulf Stream. That is how the town was chosen in its day as the export harbour for iron ore from mines in Northern Sweden.

These coastal features provide natural ports for receiving goods by sea from the whole of the northern region. 800 metres from the town centre is Narvik's modern cable car, refurbished in 1995. It takes only 7 minutes to climb 670 metres up to the Fjell restaurant on Fagernesfjellet mountain. From the top, there are plenty of good trails and you're most likely to see hanggliders and paragliders floating down the mountainsides.