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Panorama picture from Narvik Municipality in Norway


Narvik's high mountains and fjord make it the perfect skiing destination, with plenty of downhill excitement. The cross-country runs are also excellent, even during the summer. The town is in the region of Nordland, and sits on the Narvik peninsula, at the head of the Ofotfjord, surrounded by Swedish mountains and high plains. Sports lovers from all corners of the world come to Narvik to go skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing or potholing.

The actual town of Narvik is circled by the towering peaks of Sovende Dronning, Tøttatoppen and Fagernesfjellet. The most characteristic of these is Sovende Dronning, or the Sleeping Queen. This peak is topped with snow all year round, and after the dark winter months, the sun always reappears on 6 February over Sovende Dronning.