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Panorama picture from Stjørdal Municipality in Norway


The village of Hell (have their own award winning site on the Internet), lies in the municipality of Stjørdal, 30 km northeast of Trondheim on the E6 highway. The travel trade in the area is constantly expanding, and local hotels provide good lecture / conference facilities. Salmon fishing in the Stjørdalselva, one of the country's best salmon rivers, is particularly popular as are fishing and sightseeing trips down the Trondheimsfjord.

Stone Age rock carvings prove that the district was populated as early as 6,000 years ago. The Hell district is today a well trafficked junction with many active businesses, including shops, a post office, a souvenir shop, kiosk / video hire, petrol station, garage, cafeteria, hotel and lumber industry etc. Perhaps the most famous feature is Hell railway station and, of course, the sign (in Norwegian) stating "Gods Expedition". Although the station is now closed, trains do still stop to visit it.