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Panorama picture from Steinkjer Municipality in Norway


Steinkjer is situated at the top of the Trondheim fjord, in the Beitstadfjord fjord inlet. Steinkjer is the capital of the county of Nord Trøndelag. Steinkjer township has approximately 20.700 inhabitants.

The town is an ideal base for exploring Trøndelag’s varied nature. Treat yourself to a wilderness experience at Brandeia wilderness camp, boat trips on Bonden II, go-kart driving, cave exploration, canoeing or a farm holiday. Fishing is free in 60 lakes. You can also visit oldmines. Dampsaga Bad, a large and modern leisure pool with facilities for exercise, games and relaxation, is located near highway E6 in the town centre.

You will find Steinkjer bowling centre near by. For outdoor bathing, visit Paradisbukta, Hoøya and Kalvøy on road Fv285 towards Vellamelen in Beitstad. Here you can visit Beitstad heritage centre with exhibitions of local handicrafts.