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Panorama picture from Nærøy Municipality in Norway


Interesting sights include the windmill at Hundhammarfjellet, the largest series produced windmill in the world, and the heritage trail in Smines near Lund. We also recommend you visit Strandval pottery and the knitting workshop Nistec in Risvika. The Opløelva river in Salsbruket is famous for its good salmon fishing.

For those who like something out of the ordinary, we can recommend the following route to Salsbruket: take the national road 776 and the ferry from Hofles to Geisnes, or follow the sign to Salsbruket from Høylandet. On the way, you will pass the waterfall of Skrøyvstadfossen, which has an impressive drop of 70-80 metres. The traditional costume for this region has been developed and manufactured in Nærøy.