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Panorama picture from Molde Municipality in Norway


Molde Stadium it's one of the most luxury arenas in Europe. The reason for this is that Molde is the home city of two of Norway's richest people, and they gave The stadium as a gift to the club and the city. Every component used, is of the best quality and the design is special in that way that relative few people could make a tremendous atmosphere inside.

The stands have actually two tiers, even if the total capacity is only 13.500 spectators or 11.000 at international matches. The cost was about £25.000.000 in 1997/98, normally given a Stadium twice as big, but since Molde is a quite small city, it could be hard to get such attendance at ordinary matches. The sound system is tremendous; consist of 280 loudspeakers, including 16 huge subs. This is connected together with an amplifier of 32.000W.