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Panorama picture from Ørsta Municipality in Norway


This village beside the Hjørundfjord has a very unusual hotel built right on the water's edge, two campsites, cabins to let and the salmou river Bondalselva. Sæbø is the starting point for walks up the side valleys from Bondalen, or to the summit of Skorasalen or the culture walk to Olavshola. If you fancy a boat-trip to fish on the fjord or just for sight-seeing, there are hoats for hire.

The Hjørundfjord cuts its way 35 km into the very heart of the Sunnmørs Alps, cuthng the landscape into two halves. The further the bord penetrates the mountains, the higher the peaks, from Jønshornet (1.419 metres) at the mouth of the fjord to Kvitegga (1.717 metres). Along the fjord there is a narrative tradition with "Olav sagas", "Trollgjøttemannen" in the mountain. The mark known as the Nes-staff was stamped onto the rock-face when St.Olav's arrow ricocheted off the mountain. The arrow rebounded across to Standal and was left standing in the ground there, where it can still be seen to this day.