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Panorama picture from Hammerfest Municipality in Norway


The World's northernmost city, Hammerfest, received its city status on 17 July 1789. In 1890, it was the first city in Europe with electric street lighting. The same year, large sections of the city was ravaged by fire. In fellowship with Vardø, Hammerfest is Northern Norway´s oldest city.

The Midnight Sun shines from 17 May to 28 July. Polar nights from 22 November to 21 January.

Snøhvit at Melkøya is the largest-ever industrial project in northern Norway. The plant will create 180 permanent jobs and have big spin-offs.


On the roof of the town you will find both a restaurant and the Varden lookout tower. The top of the mountain can be reached, for example, from the centre via the zigzag path (Sikksakkveien). There is an excellent view across the surrounding islands.


At the top of the town mountain Salen, right above the centre of Hammerfest is the “Mikkelgammen”. This is a "darfegoathi" or Sami peat hut, built just as resident Sami people have made them since time immemorial. This type of building has traditionally been used as a more permanent dwelling than the now common "lavvo" or Sami tent. During the summer you can walk up from the town centre via Sikksakkveien in about 10 minutes.